Feb 232012
UK - What happens when an AIDS Service Organization gets its funding cut?

Demand for our services has increased as it became more apparent that the supposed replacement service could not meet the needs of service users in the west of Hertfordshire. Obviously this presents some problems for us as we have no income to support the work; however we were extremely lucky to have gained the support [...]

Feb 232012
Myanmar - 75% of people living with HIV untreated according to Doctors Without Borders

International funding cuts threaten to deepen an HIV crisis in Myanmar, where tens of thousands of people are denied lifesaving treatment, an aid agency said today. Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) said only a third of the 120,000 people in need of antiretroviral drugs in Myanmar were receiving the therapy, with up to 20,000 [...]

Feb 212012
HIV drug tenofovir increases risk of kidney damage

Patients who take one of the most widely prescribed drugs to treat HIV infection increase their risk of kidney damage by up to 34 percent every year they take the medication, according to a study of more than 10,000 HIV-positive veterans. The study, by the San Francisco VA Medical Center and published online earlier this [...]

Feb 202012
USA - Model explains efficacy of HIV drugs

Any HIV therapy that reduces the risk of an immune cell being infected by a factor of at least 100,000 is enough to keep the virus in check, researchers reported. The finding, from a detailed mathematical model of antiviral activity, suggests why some drugs and drug combinations do better than others, according to Robert Siliciano, [...]

Feb 162012
Uganda - Activists consult over AIDS control bill that excludes homosexuals

Gay rights activists in Uganda have started consultations on the controversial HIV/Aids Control Bill 2010 which excludes homosexuals from HIV programming. The bill is set for re-tabling in Uganda’s parliament next week. The bill, which gay activists contested with a petition and memorandum to Ugandan Parliament in April last year, was due for its first [...]

Jan 102012
USA - ACT UP/Chicago leader, Frank Sieple, dies

Frank Sieple, a longtime HIV/AIDS activist with ACT UP/Chicago, passed away suddenly Jan. 5. He was 51. Sieple was born and raised in Chicago, where he spent most of his life. He spent his last years in San Francisco, where he relocated in the early 1990s. Sieple was an early leader of ACT UP/Chicago, participating [...]

Jan 062012
França - AIDS: entre a cura possível e um novo surto mundial

Despite the progress of the research, provided the first description of AIDS in June 1981, pronounce the word "cure" is foolhardy. In May 1983, isolating the agent responsible for this overall impairment of the immune system, named after human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Thirty years of research enabled us to reach a [...]