Sep 182012
Argentina - Hay cerca de 8 mil jóvenes de hasta 19 años infectados con sida

A 31 años del surgimiento de la epidemia VIH/sida, es indudable que han sido enormes los avances en los conocimientos relativos a esta patología, al punto de haber transformado una enfermedad uniformemente mortal en una patología crónica, con la cual las personas infectadas que realizan el tratamiento adecuado pueden llevar una vida absolutamente normal. Sin embargo, aún hay desconocimiento y, en muchos casos, falta de conciencia.

Sep 132012
USA - Outcomes in HIV trials not as good for blacks

Blacks with HIV had consistently lower rates of virologic success even in the well-controlled setting of clinical trials, a researcher said here. In a meta-analysis of five major clinical trials, evaluating different regimens, black participants were significantly more likely fail to suppress the virus, Christopher Evans, MD, of AIDS ARMS, in Dallas, and colleagues reported [...]

Sep 112012
USA - Dogs' arthritis drug may cure drug-resistant tuberculosis

A pain medication so old that “Mad Men” might have concocted its first advertising campaign might be the cure for more than 500,000 people worldwide whose tuberculosishas grown resistant to front-line antibiotics, a new study says. Oxyphenbutazone, an anti-inflammatory medication marketed in the 1950s as Tandearil and still used in veterinary medicine, put on a spectacular [...]

Aug 282012
USA - FDA approves 4-in-1 HIV combination pill

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved a new anti-HIV pill that combines four medicines to combat the virus that causes AIDS. The agency approved Gilead Sciences’ Stribild as a once-a-day treatment to control HIV in adults who have not previously been treated for infection. The pill contains two previously approved antiviral drugs, emtricitabine [...]

Aug 142012
USA - Protester supporting PEPFAR silently shares stage with President Obama

President Barack Obama addressed an enthusiastic crowd of more than 2,000 supporters in Boone, Iowa, Monday, but even among the most diehard of fans it wasn’t hard to find a critic. Krishna Prabhu, a recent college graduate from Ames, Iowa, stood just over the president’s left shoulder throughout his remarks at the Herman Park pavilion. [...]

Aug 092012
Toward a Cure: Virologic Control Documented in 14 Acute HIV Treaters

A new study released Thursday, July 26, at the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington, DC, found that 14 people living with HIV have achieved long-term non-progressing “viral controller” status after being treated with antiretrovirals (ARVs) during the acute phase of their infections. The fact that these individuals have shown no signs of [...]

Aug 072012
USA - New test to measure the rate of HIV infection in populations raises hopes in global fight

A new test to measure the rate of HIV infection in populations is raising hopes among health officials that they’ll be able to figure out more quickly and cheaply which methods work best to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Known as the Limiting Antigen Avidity Enzyme Immunoassay, the test to measure HIV incidence was developed [...]

Aug 062012
Sverige - Smittskyddsinstitutet kritiserar RFSL-stöd

RFSL når inte högriskgruppen och det är problematiskt att staten ger stora pengar för hivarbete till en fristående organisation. Det sa Smittskyddsinstitutets generaldirektör Johan Carlson vid en utfrågning under Prideveckan. Det anmärkningsvärda uttalandet fälldes i skuggan av fredagens mer spektakulära framträdande i det så kallade Pride House (Kulturhuset) – nämligen av Polens första transperson i [...]