May 132013
Venezuela - Conseguir medicamentos: una odisea para muchos venezolanos

The scene repeats itself these days in Venezuelan pharmacies: long faces of the customers do not find the drug seeking and employees who must deal with the complaints of many sick people who see how cannot follow your treatment because the drug they need is not available.The situation reflects the growing difficulties in [...]

May 082013
USA - Mathematical model by University of Delaware-led team measures hidden HIV

University of Delaware-led research team reports new evidence that hidden virus replication may be occurring within the body’s tissue, despite undetectable virus levels in the blood. The findings were reported in theJournal of the Royal Society Interfaceon May 8. The discovery came after the paper’s lead author, Ryan Zurakowski (pictured, left), assistant professor of electrical and [...]

Apr 222013
España - La mitad de los 33.000 infectados por VIH en Catalunña mantiene una carga viral elevada

Alrededor del 52% de los 33.000 catalanes infectados por el VIH mantienen una elevada carga viral porque están desconocen que contagiados, porque no han acudido al sistema sanitario o porque no siguen el tratamiento antirretroviral indicado, lo que rappresent que pueden seguir más de propagando 16,000 personas el virus con facilidad, según datos del Informe [...]

Apr 192013
Zambia - Anti-gay obsession is worsening its HIV epidemic (Rod McCullom)

One of Africa’s leading human rights activists was arrested on April 7 after appearing on live television — when police officers reportedly “stormed the station” and “tried to stop the interview,” reports The Guardian and BBC. Paul Kasonkomona’s crime: “Inciting the public to take part in indecent activities.” Kasonkomona called on the government to decriminalize [...]

Apr 182013
Ukraine - Government condemns HIV patients to death, say protesters

Wearing sacks over their heads to suggest an execution, protesters in Ukraine have argued that without government funding people with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis are condemned to death. Funds allocated for treatment of the diseases have not yet been released this year. Volodymyr Zhovtyak from the Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS fears what [...]

Apr 102013
USA - Law requiring anti-prostituion policies for HIV/AIDS funds splits NGOs before Supreme Court hearing

A Supreme Court case that challenges a law requiring anti-prostitution policies for HIV/AIDS programs seeking federal money has generated a split among nonprofit groups that counsel sex workers overseas. The case involves a 2003 law that bars funding for groups that work on HIV/AIDS prevention but do not have a policy opposing prostitution and sex trafficking. [...]

Apr 092013
South Africa - New one-pill, $10-per-month anti-retroviral AIDS treatment debuts

South Africa’s health minister on Monday launched a new single dose anti-AIDs drug which will simplify the world’s biggest HIV treatment regime to just one life-saving pill a day. The three-in-one combination anti-retroviral (ARV) was secured at a record-low price and will cost the state 89 rand a month ($10, eight euros) per patient. “Before [...]

Apr 092013
'Difficult times' in global fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria says Mark Dybul head of Global Fund to Fight AIDS

The organisation that finances the prevention and treatment of the Aids virus and other global killers is urging top donors to provide an additional $15bn (€11.5bn, £9.8bn) to fight infectious diseases over the next three years or risk reversing a decade of advances in care. Mark Dybul, who heads the Global Fund to Fight Aids, [...]

Apr 032013
Philippines - 24% increase in HIV cases in past year, 82% of cases from men having sex with men (MSM)

The Department of Health (DOH) has recorded 339 new human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cases last February, a few notches lower than the 380 recorded a month earlier. According to the DOH–National Epidemiology Center (DOH-NEC), the February report was 24 percent higher compared to the same period last year at 274. Out of the 339 new [...]