May 062013
Peru - Gay se ahorca, "Padre no aceptó su homosexualidad"

Proceedings of the uprising were in charge of the police station in the sector, which reported the case to the Prosecutor on duty. By distance, the body failed to Iquitos, signed an act of surrender of the corpse to the relatives. Surprised are the living from the Cahuide, Nanay River, San Juan Bautista district, village [...]

Apr 242013
한국 - 소년의 자살 10년 지났지만…동성애 따가운 시선은 여전

The boy did not understand the ending. I believe in God and those boys like boys ' evil '. ' Girl love ' instead of ' boy ' was just one of the reasons that. On April 25, 2003, John Doe (19-year-old at the time) the military broke the own life. Contending that homosexuality could not stay behind this known more leave school was the last consolation was the Office of LGBT rights organizations. "The dead stands squarely behind. 'I'm gay '. No longer mourn [...]

Mar 212013
Россия - Юноша повесился в тюрьме, чтобы никто не подумал, что он гей

The young thief Timothy Belozertsev from the village of Amman caught the robbery on February 9 in Severouralsk, Sverdlovsk region, reported March 19 newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". As explained in the investigation Committee, Severoural′skom area of all suspects in the thefts sent to colony No. 3 Krasnotur′inska, where have placed under pre-trial detention. One day Timothy hit accidentally handed a mug of the so-called [...]

Mar 132013
India - With accusations of homophobia, delegate from Jammu and Kashmir probes student suicide

A single-member delegation representing the Jammu and Kashmir Awami National Conference visited the English and Foreign Languages University (Eflu) on Tuesday, and recorded the statements of students over the suicide of Kashmiri Ph.D. scholar Mudasir Kamran’s suicide on March 2. Party senior vice-president Muzaffar Shah spoke to students and made notes on of their recollections [...]

Mar 112013
Россия - Гей-активисты требуют оглашения причин двойного суицида новосибирских школьниц

Активисты ЛГБТ собирают подписи под петицией с требованием оглашения истинных причин самоубийства двух школьниц, которые 2 февраля спрыгнули с 14-го этажа жилого дома в Новосибирске.

Feb 222013
Schweiz - Jeder fünfte Schwule wollte sich schon umbringen während es bei den Heterosexuellen nur einer von 34 sei

Vor allem junge Homosexuelle, die sich noch nicht oder gerade erst geoutet haben, sind stark selbstmordgefährdet. Die Tendenz verschwindet auch mit fortschreitendem Alter nicht.

Dies hat eine Analyse der Universität Zürich und der Vereinigung Dialogai herausgefunden, wie “20 Minuten Online” berichtet. Demnach hat bereits jeder fünfte homosexuelle Jugendliche versucht, sich das Leben zu nehmen.

Feb 202013
Australia - Preventing suicide among gender and sexual minorities (Delaney Skerrett)

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and intersex (LGBTI) people were recognised as beingspecific high-risk groups for suicide in a 2010 senate committee report. While every suicide may not be preventable, a focus on the particular associated predictive factors may help. Transgender individuals were singled out as being at particular risk in the report, and the committee recommended [...]