sex work

Apr 102013
USA - Law requiring anti-prostituion policies for HIV/AIDS funds splits NGOs before Supreme Court hearing

A Supreme Court case that challenges a law requiring anti-prostitution policies for HIV/AIDS programs seeking federal money has generated a split among nonprofit groups that counsel sex workers overseas. The case involves a 2003 law that bars funding for groups that work on HIV/AIDS prevention but do not have a policy opposing prostitution and sex trafficking. [...]

Jan 232013
Vietnam - HCM City wnats to gather "sensitive services" into one zone

HCM City has proposed that the government allows the “regional planning” for sensitive business establishments which may generate social evils to closely manage prostitutes. The city said that to help the effective prevention of prostitution, the central government should supplement the provisions dealing with acts of harboring, use of porno methods in service establishments, male [...]

Jan 142013
日本 - 34歳のホモ男が中2男子を買春


Jul 242012
AIDS 2012 - USA police accused of using condoms as evidence against sex workers

Activists on Monday blasted law enforcement for allegedly using condoms as evidence against those who work in commercial sex, a practice they say could fuel the spread of HIV. Speaking Monday at the 19th International AIDS conference in Washington, Acacia Shields, a consultant with the Open Society Foundation, said police in the U.S. and elsewhere [...]

Jul 232012
India - Study finds non-disclosure of HIV serostatus common among female sex workers

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) in partnership with Indian researchers and HIV positive networks groups, have found that in India, non-disclosure of HIV serostatus to sex partners among both HIV-infected female sex workers (FSWs) and HIV-infected clients of FSWs is exceedingly common. These findings currently appear online in the journal AIDS and Behavior. [...]

Jul 232012
AIDS 2012 - Fight against HIV empowering sex workers in India, says UN Aids envoy

The fight against HIV in India has “opened the doors” to much wider social reforms in the country, said the UN secretary general’s new special envoy for Aids in the Asia-Pacific region, who has credited India’s sex workers with pioneering some of the most successful HIV prevention programmes. Prasada Rao, who took up his post this month, [...]