May 142013
USA - If being gay is a choice, so what? (Alasdair Denvil)

One of the biggest areas of debate in the discussion of gay rights is the issue of why people are gay: is it a choice, or is it genetic? Or is it somehow socialized into people? Some opponents of gay rights insist that being gay is a choice, while most gay people take the opposite [...]

Apr 152013
USA - Meningitis not 'a gay disease' (James Hamblin)

After the death of a homosexual man in West Hollywood this weekend, a city councilman conjured and addressed potential homophobic misunderstanding. Bacterial meningitis is an equal-opportunity pestilence. Before 1913, bacterial meningitis was nearly 100 percent fatal. Now that rate is around 16 percent in the U.S. Not more than a few hundred people in the [...]

Apr 092013
South Africa - New one-pill, $10-per-month anti-retroviral AIDS treatment debuts

South Africa’s health minister on Monday launched a new single dose anti-AIDs drug which will simplify the world’s biggest HIV treatment regime to just one life-saving pill a day. The three-in-one combination anti-retroviral (ARV) was secured at a record-low price and will cost the state 89 rand a month ($10, eight euros) per patient. “Before [...]

Apr 092013
USA - More Americans have an ‘evolved’ view on wedlock than believe in evolution (Matthew Garrahan)

There is a lot of evolving going on in the US these days and no, the dolphins at SeaWorld have not suddenly sprouted opposable thumbs. The evolution is instead taking place in the minds of members of Congress, with long-held beliefs about same-sex marriage being jettisoned quicker than you can say “the polls are moving [...]

Apr 032013
USA - Science led to gay families. Law should follow (Debora L. Spar)

Of all the arguments swirling around the legality of same-sex marriage, it’s clear that a major concern is, as always, the kids. Supporters argue that same-sex parents need to provide their children with a stable and supportive family home, complete with the legal protections afforded heterosexual married couples. Opponents claim that children raised by same-sex [...]

Apr 012013
Philippines - Being gay is not a disease (Queena N. Lee-Chua)

My colleague and friend Regina Hechanova, the president of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), alerted me to an article on “Being Gay” that came out in another newspaper. At first I was thankful that homosexuality was being discussed openly by a public personality I like and respect. However, based on interviews with psychologist Camille Garcia, [...]

Mar 192013
USA - A cure, in essence, for HIV in some adults

Two weeks ago, American doctors reported that they had“functionally” cured a baby infected with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, with an aggressive treatment of drugs starting some 30 hours after the baby was born. Experts hailed the feat but cautioned that the findings might have little relevance to adults. Now French researchers have identified 14 [...]

Mar 122013
USA - Unreported side effects of drugs are found using internet search data, study finds

Using data drawn from queries entered into Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search engines, scientists at Microsoft, Stanford and Columbia University have for the first time been able to detect evidence of unreported prescription drug side effects before they were found by the Food and Drug Administration’s warning system. Using automated software tools to examine queries by [...]

Mar 052013
ACT UP-Paris - Jour 1: Deux militants assister à la conférence américaine sur les rétrovirus et les infections opportunistes à Atlanta

Deux militants d’Act Up-Paris sont présents toute la semaine à Atlanta pour suivre la vingtième édition de la CROI, la conférence américaine sur les rétrovirus et les infections opportunistes. Conforme à son principe fondateur, « Information = pouvoir », Act Up-Paris considère que cet événement scientifique est un lieu essentiel de réappropriation du savoir médical.