May 142013
Australia - Gay faithful win church's blessing in Queenscliff

A Queenscliff church is standing up for equality with a special project designed to raise awareness of gay rights. Uniting Church ministers Kerry Lingham and Charles Gallacher, parents to twin gay sons, would also like people to know that, whatever their sexual orientation, the doors to their church are open wide. For Grovedale teenager, Fraser [...]

May 102013
Deutschland - "Ich würde nie ein Präservativ verwenden": Politikerin Arantza Quiroga tritt radikal gegen abtreibung und homo-ehe ein

Whenever Arantza Quiroga (photo) occurs anywhere, silenced the talks and this is due not only to her fabulous looks. The current President of the Basque Parliament to enforce white and is known for its strict labour discipline. It asks also candidly they by their peers. The culmination of her career could come in a few days, because of the [...]

May 092013
Northern Ireland - American-style culture war arrives

David Ford, the thoroughly decent leader of Northern Ireland’s non-sectarian Alliance Party, is in a tight corner. That is not a consequence of his pig-in-the-middle role as justice minister, in a province where Catholics and Protestants frequently disagree on the distinction between a crime and an act of resistance. His dilemma is more personal, and [...]

May 092013
대한민국 - [지금 논쟁 중]동성 결혼 허용

Last month, Democrats won-Sik Choi lawmakers enacted a controversial law prohibiting homosexual discrimination such as this initiative have resulted in problems. The Bill was withdrawn, as opposed to a conservative Protestant groups. However, recently legalized same-sex marriage ' France ' and Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General "Korean LGBT rights awareness of the problem," he noted, while allowing same-sex marriage issue is being re-ignition. Homosexuality is a violation of the doctrine in Christendom, should also be noted that the problems LGBT rights activists, homosexuals should be approached from the fundamental rights dimension [...]

May 082013
USA - Religious leaders: Gay rights plan seen as threat to immigration bill

Religious leaders said Wednesday that adding a gay rights proposal to immigration legislation could risk their support for the bill, setting up a potential Senate showdown. “We’re extremely hopeful that this bill will remain an immigration bill and not get tangled up with the issue of gay rights,” said Richard Land (pictured), a leader of [...]

May 062013
New Zealand - Openly gay Eugene Sisneros rejected for priesthood speaks of humiliation

Eugene Sisneros has described his hurt and humiliation after allegedly being rejected for a priest training programme because he was in a same-sex relationship. A Human Rights Tribunal hearing into the alleged discrimination opened at Auckland District court today. Mr Sisneros is taking the Anglican Bishop of Auckland to the tribunal, claiming he was barred [...]

May 062013
France - Mariage gay : des dizaines de milliers d'opposants dans la rue

Several events take place everywhere in France this Sunday against gay marriage at the call of the La Manif collective for all. Gatherings are organized especially to Paris, Rennes, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse, Dijon, Lille, Amiens, Saint-Raphaël, Chartres, Dreux, Niort and on the island of Oléron. They will show "until the end of the five years if necessary" in [...]

May 062013
Indonesia - Failure to protect rights of sexual minorities defies Pancasila (Tanti Noor Said)

Last month, members of a local transgender community in West Jakarta were accused of having brought bad luck to their neighborhood. The community in Kampung Duri had held weekly Islamic lectures on Friday evenings, but one night in April, other residents of the area protested the group’s presence, using Islamic slogans and saying that the [...]

Apr 242013
Australia - Controversial upcoming Sydney 'family values' conference angers gay community

A psychiatrist (pictured) who believes she can cure gayness and a politician who believes marriage is now “meaningless” after New Zealand legalised gay marriage are causing a stir before they’ve even landed in Australia. Several controversial personalities will head to Sydney next month to deliver keynote addresses at the world’s biggest ‘family values’ conference, the [...]