public policy & law

May 142013
Brasil - Decisão do CNJ obriga cartórios a fazer casamento homossexual

The national justice Council (CNJ) approved on Tuesday (14) by majority vote (14 to 1), a resolution which obliges the offices across the country to celebrate the civil marriage and convert the stable same-sex Union in marriage. The notary public cannot reject the request, as currently happens in some cases. The decision [...]

May 092013
Kenya - Transgender woman sues over inability to obtain job when ID shows her as male

A woman who changed her gender has sued the Kenya National Examination Council for a new examination certificates reflecting her new gender. In a landmark case filed at the Milimani court, Audrey Mbugua Ithibu who was born [redacted] says the fact that her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education bears a different gender and name, she [...]

Apr 232013
USA - Transgender rights: the next big political movement (Rodrigo Lehtinen)

Recently we’ve been inundated with images of gay couples holding hands, demonstrating their commitment to one another and protesting the marriage ban. But while the push toward marriage equality sits in the spotlight, there’s another movement underway, one that’s gaining momentum and promises to grow into a leading political contender, but you may not know [...]

Apr 222013
Argentina - Nuevas leyes y conductas para abordar la discriminación desde una perspectiva cultural (Pedro Robledo)

In recent times, we have witnessed in Argentina valuable and necessary debates and transformations, both legal and social, in the field of discrimination by sexual condition. We know that laws and policies are not isolated from society, they are the result of the latter, and at the same time they can modify it. In this [...]

Apr 222013
Venezuela - Comunidad sexodiversa plantea tipificación de crímenes de odio en nuevo COPP

The requirements necessary to move towards the full vindication of people (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex) sexodiversas in the revolutionary Venezuela of the 21st century should discuss at the legal and social levels because the recognition of the community, always considered as taboo, is latent. On Monday, members of the different sex/gender Alliance [...]

Apr 192013
New Zealand - Marriage bill leaves a few inequalities to sort out including adoption, visas

The legalisation of gay marriage in New Zealand does not eliminate every shred of legal inequalities for gay couples, with a grey area still remaining around adoption. Same-sex married couples could also run into problems when seeking visas in other countries, legal experts warned after the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill passed into law [...]