May 142013
Uruguay - Un 46% está a favor del matrimonio homosexual

46% Agree with same-sex marriage, while 30% of the respondents disagreed, according to the latest equipment Mori survey, disclosed this Monday in underline. 22% Agree but considers that the union should be not called marriage. And 3% do not know, does not answer.The difference of opinion by sex [...]

May 092013
USA - The first AIDS generation: Grappling with why we're alive and what it means (Michelangelo Signorile)

It was a rainy day in Central Park in the summer of ’92 when we attempted to send Michael Santulli’s ashes aloft over Strawberry Fields in white, helium-filled balloons. But it was one of those requests that Michael hadn’t thought through in those hazy, painful last days of his life, and someone probably should have [...]

May 092013
Denmark - Majority of the Faroese are for civil marriages of gays

A majority of the Faroese say yes to that gay will be devoted respectably on the Faroe Islands, according to a gallup poll in the country. Gay on the Faroe Islands have traditionally had tough conditions, but now are bleeding the country's population up. A gallup poll as Danish National Association of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and Trans people (LGBT Føroyar) have made shows that 68 percent say ' yes ' to [...]

May 092013
대한민국 - [지금 논쟁 중]동성 결혼 허용

Last month, Democrats won-Sik Choi lawmakers enacted a controversial law prohibiting homosexual discrimination such as this initiative have resulted in problems. The Bill was withdrawn, as opposed to a conservative Protestant groups. However, recently legalized same-sex marriage ' France ' and Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General "Korean LGBT rights awareness of the problem," he noted, while allowing same-sex marriage issue is being re-ignition. Homosexuality is a violation of the doctrine in Christendom, should also be noted that the problems LGBT rights activists, homosexuals should be approached from the fundamental rights dimension [...]

May 062013
Suomi - Seksuaali- ja sukupuolivähemmistöjen tunteita selvitetään ensimmäistä kertaa

Sexual and gender minorities, for the first time, a comprehensive study of young people's life will be made. According to the survey, the Secretary General of the Seta and Aija Salon can participate other than young people. In Finland, a comprehensive query is needed in any case. – International trials has come to light that, for example, transgender people are experiencing in school bullying and depression more than others, which can affect their future prospects. Seta youth research society in the process of the poll [...]

May 062013
Indonesia - Failure to protect rights of sexual minorities defies Pancasila (Tanti Noor Said)

Last month, members of a local transgender community in West Jakarta were accused of having brought bad luck to their neighborhood. The community in Kampung Duri had held weekly Islamic lectures on Friday evenings, but one night in April, other residents of the area protested the group’s presence, using Islamic slogans and saying that the [...]

Apr 252013
Colombia - Debate sobre matrimonio igualitario fue muy pobre: El expresidente de la Corte Constitucional, Carlos Gaviria

The former President of the Constitutional Court and Congressman Carlos Gaviria today regretted that the debate on the proposed marriage between same-sex couples has been superficial, especially among lawmakers who opposed. Gaviria told Caracol Radio that the debate was rather poor, because while advocates of the project presented serious arguments, [...]