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May 142013
USA - Novelist Bret Easton Ellis attacks 'gatekeepers of politically correct gayness'

Bret Easton Ellis, the novelist who turned being a bad boy into a literary form, has now deployed his considerable powers of invective to attack what he calls the “gatekeepers of politically correct gayness”. In a lengthy diatribe in Out magazine Ellis begins by bemoaning the way that the recent coming out of basketball star Jason Collins [...]

May 132013
Polska - O transseksualizmie na uniwersytecie. Pierwsza taka konferencja.

Conference "Transgender transdyscyplinarnie" aims to encourage a deeper reflection on the phenomenon of transpłciowości through the prism of different Sciences: Humanities, social, medical, legal, and integrate approach to these disciplines. Speakers will look for cultural, affecting the image of the transpłciowości, its social reception and variants in different ethnic groups. Will be etiologią the phenomenon of transpłciowości, its possible impact on the functioning of the body. [...]

May 092013
Philippines - Gay party, Ang Ladlad, hopes to represent LGBT community in Philippine Congress

The Philippines will be holding its midterm elections next week. Aside from senators and congressmen, Filipinos will also be voting for party list representatives in Congress. They give voice to certain marginalised sectors. One of the parties is Ang Ladlad, a gay political party. Armed with leaflets and flyers, members of the Ang Ladlad, or [...]

May 092013
USA - The first AIDS generation: Grappling with why we're alive and what it means (Michelangelo Signorile)

It was a rainy day in Central Park in the summer of ’92 when we attempted to send Michael Santulli’s ashes aloft over Strawberry Fields in white, helium-filled balloons. But it was one of those requests that Michael hadn’t thought through in those hazy, painful last days of his life, and someone probably should have [...]

May 092013
UK - Is Keynes’s sexual orientation at all relevant to the interpretation of his theories? (Bruce Bartlett)

Over the weekend, there was a kerfuffle about whether Keynesian economics ignores the longrun implications of its policies. The Harvard historian Niall Ferguson asserted that this was the case and said that it resulted from the British economist John Maynard Keynes’s homosexuality. Ferguson said that those without children, as is the case with most gay [...]

May 082013
France - Mika sera la tête d'affiche d'un concert gratuit organisé à Paris pour célébrer la loi sur le mariage homosexuel

The singer Mika will be headlined by a free concert held May 21 in Paris to celebrate the law on same-sex marriage and reaffirm the importance of the fight against homophobia, announced Wednesday the Inter-LGBT (lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans). The Franco-British artist, who has made public his homosexuality last September, will occur [...]

Apr 292013
USA – Larry Kramer to receive second Tony award: Isabelle Stevenson Award

Playwright, author and activist Larry Kramer will receive this year’s Isabelle Stevenson Award, a non-competitive Tony award given to an individual from the theater community who has made a substantial contribution on behalf of humanitarian, social service or charitable organizations. “Writers who are activists are very rarely taken seriously as artists,” Kramer said in an [...]