Apr 262013
Brasil - Filme “A Memória que me contam” mostra vida gay durante a ditadura

For the worshipers of cinema, premiere in July a national film that promises high technical quality and good laughs. Directed by Lucia Murat, "the memory that tell me" shows stories during the period of the military dictatorship and leash drama, humor and a touch of terrorism within a hostile environment. The chemistry looks good, it is [...]

Apr 032013
Россия - Главврач военкомата Московской области: геи страдают психическими патологиями

Military-medical Commission Chairperson military commissariat of Moscow region Viktor Marchenko said that gays don't have to serve in the army because they tend to have psychological problems and endocrine disorders. "Sexual preferences are not exempt from the army. But, as a rule, those with non-traditional orientation, have psychological pathologies or endocrine disorders. These citizens are exempt from the [...]

Mar 282013
Россия - Воронежские депутаты поставят заслон пропаганде гомосексуализма

The leading deputies intend to begin the development of a regional law banning promotion of homosexuality. The way they reacted to the rally with bright scarves which have gay activists. In the night from 25 to 26 March they put on the leading monuments the symbolism of sexual minorities. By the morning of the scarves removed, but the shares have posted photos on the Internet. In the comments explained that despite adversaries of same-sex love, [...]

Mar 262013
USA - Supreme Court Justice Scalia wonders if same-sex parents "harmful" to children

During Supreme Court arguments Tuesday on whether gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry, Justice Antonin Scalia wondered if having parents of the same sex may be “harmful” to children. Scalia jumped in to make his point when liberal justices were grilling Charles Cooper, the lawyer arguing in favor of Prop 8, California’s [...]

Mar 072013
España - Carta de un militar gay al ministro de Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz

The first military gay who was married in Spain, wrote a letter to the Interior Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, where express giving you shame that that country does not solve the problems from above. My name is Alberto Linero Marchena, first military gay marriage among military personnel in Spain. I think fighter and [...]

Mar 042013
New Zealand - Coroner who declined full inquest into suicide of gay soldier previously attacked gay marriage

The coroner who declined a full inquest into the suicide of a gay soldier is a Mormon church elder who attacked same-sex marriage in a submission to Parliament, saying it was an unnecessary “social experiment”. Gordon Matenga (pictured) put the submission before MPs just three months before declining to open an inquest into the death [...]

Feb 052013
USA - Pentagon to extend certain benefits to same-sex spouses

The Pentagon has decided to extend certain benefits to the spouses of gay and lesbian personnel, according to officials and people notified about the decision, responding to the increasingly vocal appeals of same-sex couples in the military. The military expects to announce the decision this week. Officials at the Pentagon would not say which new [...]

Jan 272013
Rusia - Examinarán tatuajes de soldados que 'puedan indicar su homosexualidad'

The Russian Ministry of Defense recommends that you examine new soldiers, especially on the genitals and buttocks, for tattoos that could indicate that they have had homosexual relations. Damon Murray, co-editor of the encyclopedia of Russian criminal tattoos, says that these recommendations reflect the traditions of the Russian prison system. "This is a way [...]

Jan 162013
한국 - 수차례 상담받고도…동성애 병사 자살

군 복무 도중 성 정체성 문제를 고민하며 여러 차례 도움을 요청했던 병사가 결국 스스로 목숨을 끊은 사실이 뒤늦게 밝혀졌다. 시민단체 군인권센터는 육군 ㄱ부대 소속 손아무개(24) 일병이 지난 7일 야간근무를 마친 뒤 부대 안 목욕탕 보일러실 계단에 목을 매 숨졌다고 16일 밝혔다. 손 일병은 계단 난간 위에 남긴 16장 분량의 유서에 “(동성애가) 이렇게 부끄러운 죄인데 어떻게 고개를 떳떳이 들고 살아갈 수 있겠습니까. 인간 외에서의 동물에게서도 발견되는 현상에 대해 자연스러운지 아닌지, 이치에 맞고 안 맞고를 따지는 것은 의미가 없는 소모성 논쟁이라는 것이 저의 소견입니다. 저 같은 죄인을 위해서는 장례식이건 뭐건 필요하지 않습니다”라고 썼다.