Oct 022012
USA - Bruce Springstein: "Marriage-equality should be recognized as civil rights issue" featured in new campaign

An Internet-based campaign aimed at passing same-sex marriage initiatives in four states is getting a little help today from Bruce Springsteen. The rocker’s picture and a quote in support of marriage equality is featured in new content by The Four 2012, a social media campaign aimed at young people who live on sites such as Facebook [...]

Sep 272012
Cuba - LGBT Rainbow Project (Provecto Arcoiris) launches newsletter

The Proyecto Arcoiris (Rainbow Project) has begun circulating by email its first digital newsletter. Called Ahi te va (There you go), it is dedicated to providing information on sexual orientation and gender identity in Cuba and the world, as well as news about the struggle against gender discrimination. In its presentation, the magazine points out two articles in the [...]

Sep 262012
China - Millionaire Cecil Chao announces a "reward" to any man who can "conquer" his lesbian daughter

Poor Gigi Chao. Just a week after the 33-year-old Hong Kong socialite revealed she is married to her female partner of seven years, her tycoon father has launched a public campaign to marry her off to a man. Cecil Chao, a Hong Kong shipping magnate and property developer, is offering a HK$500 million ($65 million) [...]

Sep 112012
USA - Parent calls ‘fowl’ on Chick-fil-A partnership with Utah elementary school

The announcement in Dewey’s Diary, the newsletter for Draper Elementary, seemed innocent enough: a local Chick-fil-A franchise owner plans to sponsor a school spirit night and provide catering for students celebrating birthdays during the school year. But after a summer in which purchasing a chicken sandwich from the Georgia-based fast-food chain became emblematic of one’s [...]

Sep 112012
Italy - IKEA advertises again in country with 'gay friendly' commercial

“Es braucht wenig um etwas zu verändern“, so etwa kann der neueste TV-Spot von IKEA Italien übersetzt werden, der aktuell mit dem Claim „Per cambiare, basta poco.“ für die neueste Möbelserie wirbt. Der schwedische Möbelkonzern unterstreicht dabei wieder sein Gay-friendly Image, da sich neben heterosexuellen Paaren auch ein schwules Paar befindet, welches zwei Einzelbetten zusammenschiebt, um etwas zu verändern.

Sep 092012
Zimbabwe - LGBT activists in country claim media invent gay shock stories

The Herald reported that Zimbabwe police in the city of Kadoma have arrested a ‘gay couple’ for homosexuality. LGBT activists, however, say that the government owned daily paper made the report up in order to create media sensationalism designed to bolster proposed constitutional changes and further legitmise persecution of LGBT people in Zimbabwe. Activists also point out [...]

Aug 122012
Australia - Controversial "Rip and Roll" advertisement resumes in Queensland

The controversial “Rip Roll” ad campaign, which targets safe sex in the gay community, has returned to Queensland hoping there won’t be a backlash. Healthy Communities says its posters will appear from Sunday in 35 bus shelters in inner Brisbane and will also be plastered on billboards at Surfers Paradise, Townsville, Cairns, Capalaba in Brisbane’s [...]

Aug 092012
Alemania - Miembros del gobierno de la canciller alemana Angela Merkel han apoyado la igualdad de las parejas gay

Trouble viewing translation? Select your default language using Google Translate near top of page. A total of thirteen members of the Union democratic Christian (CDU), the political party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have supported that homosexual couples will have the same rights as heterosexual through marriage, have even though they would still [...]

Aug 022012
USA - Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day gets long lines of support

Two-and-a-half weeks after Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy said his company opposes same-sex marriage, the heated debate over his words still rages. Wednesday was Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, created by former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who was incensed by protests after Cathy told the Baptist Press his company supports “the biblical definition of the family unit.” There [...]