Dec 062012
New Zealand - Familiar Kiwi faces get behind gay marriage bill

Well-known New Zealanders have banded together in a new video to show solidarity for the proposed Marriage Amendment Bill. Former Governor General Dame Cath Tizard, Olympian Danyon Loader, supermodel Rachel Hunter and psychologist Nigel Latta are among the more than 20 Kiwi icons who took part in filming the video in Auckland. The Definition of [...]

Nov 212012
Indonesia - Health Minister "embarrassed" with UN citing country's low success with HIV prevention

Health Minister Nafsiah Mboy said that the newly published 2012 World AIDS Day Report, which revealed Indonesia’s low success in HIV prevention over the last 10 years, was embarrassing. “It [the report] really shocked me,” she said during a workshop on HIV-sensitive social protection held by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on Wednesday. The report [...]

Nov 102012
USA - The inside story behind victory in Maryland and Maine (Nathaniel Frank)

Four years ago, LGBT advocates were devastated by the voter approval of Proposition 8 in California, which reversed a state court ruling allowing same-sex marriage. In that fight, the political consultant Frank Schubert, who led the anti-gay forces there and in the four states that voted on marriage this week, created a deadly ad campaign that played on lingering [...]

Nov 102012
USA - 15 advertisements that may have helped change the way people think about gays

BussinessInsider decided to investigate how advertisers have featured LGBT people in their ads over the years. How do ads illustrate a shift in society’s perspective over time? Well, there were some shockers. Like the 1950′s ad warning children of the sick homosexuals wondering the streets, or the classy Guinness ad from 1995 that was never [...]

Nov 092012
USA - "10 reasons why marriage equality won this year" (Chad Griffin)

This year, marriage equality won four unprecedented victories in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. For years, organizations like the so-called National Organization for Marriage have bragged that equality always loses at the ballot box. This year we took that talking point away once and for all. Here’s how: 1. The President supported marriage equality — [...]

Nov 082012
USA - Vote data show changing nation

President Barack Obama’s election victory exposed tectonic demographic shifts in American society that are reordering the U.S. political landscape. The 2012 presidential election likely will be remembered as marking the end of long-standing coalitions, as voters regroup in cultural, ethnic and economic patterns that challenge both parties—but especially Republicans. Older voters and white working-class voters, [...]

Nov 062012
Canada - Vancouver's Our City of Colours expands queer outreach: Tagalog, Russian, trans, and more

Throughout the month of October, Our City of Colours has been busy rolling out their second wave of posters designed to increase the visibility of queer people in cultural and linguistic communities throughout the Lower Mainland. (The last poster went online on November 2.) The community-based non-profit organization released their first set of posters in November 2011. This second [...]

Nov 012012
UK - Gay marriage, bigots and the effects of state funding on civilised debate

The fizz has been slightly taken out of tonight’s Stonewall awards,Barclays and Coutts having suggested they may withdraw their sponsorship next year if the charity continues its “bigot of the year” category. This year the shortlist includes two Catholic bishops and one of the architects of the Northern Ireland peace process. There’s something rather Animal Farm-like [...]

Oct 302012
UK - Nursery chain, "Mamas & Papas" prepare same-sex advertisements "celebrating modern families"

The nursery chain Mamas & Papas has launched an advertising campaign which includes pictures of single- and same-sex parents alongside the standard image of a heterosexual couple with their baby. It said the adverts – for a pushchair – “celebrate the diversity and individualism that form the makeup of the British modern family”. The campaign, [...]

Oct 182012
USA - Catholic Church and NOM responsible for 60% of anti-equality funding in four marriage ballot states reports HRC

New HRC report finds money being siphoned from Dioceses around the country to fund political campaigns aimed at discrimination. The Catholic Church is funneling unprecedented dollar amounts into the four states where marriage equality is on the ballot this fall – Minnesota, Maryland, Maine and Washington – and in many cases, parishioners may not even [...]