May 102013
Deutschland - Transgender-Gemeinschaft fühlt sich von Bionade-Werbung angegriffen

What is a natural part of an artificial addition, what? The new commercial for a beverage manufacturer plays with traditional gender images. Members of the transgender community have come from Cola campaign before the head. A young woman with curly hair, high cheekbones, jewellery and plenty Make-Up leaves the stage with great applause. She are located in the mask behind the scenes [...]

Apr 222013
Bali - Grand Council of Customary Villages to launch campaign against HIV/AIDS discrimination

The highly influential and respected Grand Council of Customary Villages (MUDP) plans to launch continuous campaigns to eliminate discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS across Bali. The campaigns, slated to start in July, will first target 450 out of the total 1,500 customary villages on the island. MUDP is an umbrella organization for nearly 1,500 customary [...]

Apr 172013
India - "Fastrack" challenges taboos, ask people to let go of societal norms with its latest ad campaign

A pink cupboard door opens and two young women stumble out of the closet, still fumbling with hot-pant zippers and tempramental skirts, and walk away in opposite directions. What were they up to inside? Well, they weren’t playing Backgammon that’s for sure. From slyly scooting out of the boy’s hostel to ending up in a [...]

Apr 032013
Canada - Steinbach Manitoba student, Evan Wiens, gets gay-straight alliance victory

A gay high school student in Steinbach, Man., has been given approval to put up posters promoting his gay-straight alliance group after a month of being forbidden to do so. Evan Wiens, 17, set up the group last month but was initially stopped from promoting it in school hallways. “I put them up [Monday], they [...]

Mar 292013
USA - Finally, the bacon condom has arrived

More than most other products, condoms seem to arouse people’s creative ingenuity. There are glow-in-the-dark condoms, Scotch whiskey-flavored McCondoms, dinosaur-shaped condoms and condoms printed with ruler measurements (presumably for men who feel they have something to prove). And now, a bacon condom. It was only a matter of time. J & D’s Foods, whose corporate [...]

Mar 292013
Österreich - "Gay Jesus": Rechtspopulisten sind empört

The Austrian far-right party FPÖ feels offended, because the youth wing of the Green Party had distributed a satirical newspaper with a "gay Jesus". FPÖ General Secretary Harald Vilimsky said on Tuesday that the Greens proved "extremely tasteless remarks that they have a firm anchoring in the extreme corner". The reason was the satirical newspaper "Why!" the young Greens in the Western Province of Vorarlberg. You [...]

Mar 262013
USA - Cultural messages in a safer sex pamphlet for transmen

The representation of sexuality and safer sex in public health campaigns is fascinating given our simultaneous cultural obsession with yet pathologization of sexual behavior. Safer sex campaigns and materials not only seek to increase prevention behaviors but also produce a range of social meanings surrounding gender, bodies, and desire. Most are produced by organizations that [...]

Mar 222013
UK - 'Ex-gay' London bus advert ban ruled lawful

Transport bosses were right to ban a Christian group’s bus advert suggesting gay people could be helped to change their sexuality, it has been ruled. The High Court ruled Transport for London’s process in introducing the ban “was procedurally unfair”. But it ruled TfL was acting lawfully in banning the Core Issues Trust’s proposed advert [...]

Mar 202013
Jamaica - Transgender women call for equality

Two transgender Jamaicans, Whitney and Tiana Miller, have joined J-FLAG’s We Are Jamaicanscampaign, which seeks to encourage respect and understanding for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. We Are Jamaicans is a participatory video campaign (, which was launched on January 17, 2013 by J-FLAG to raise awareness about LGBT identity and community. We cannot effectively [...]