May 092013
Honduras - Salvador Nasralla comparecerá ante fiscalía

Presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla shall submit to testify this morning before the public prosecutor for human rights, after he was accused by members of the community lesbian gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) for alleged incitement to hatred, homophobia and discrimicacion. The so-called "Lord of television" said last April 28 in its [...]

May 092013
Kenya - Transgender woman sues over inability to obtain job when ID shows her as male

A woman who changed her gender has sued the Kenya National Examination Council for a new examination certificates reflecting her new gender. In a landmark case filed at the Milimani court, Audrey Mbugua Ithibu who was born [redacted] says the fact that her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education bears a different gender and name, she [...]

May 082013
Deutschland - Steuerliche Gleichbehandlung und Homo-Ehe: Richter stellen Ultimatum

Actually, the Government wanted to regulate already 2012 legally equal tax treatment of gay marriage. But it was nothing. Now, the Constitutional Court has set an ultimatum. The Federal Constitutional Court has made the Bundestag the equal tax treatment of gay marriage an ultimatum. Until 18 June a law must exist, by the same-sex life partnerships in the land transfer tax would be treated [...]

Apr 102013
Slovena - Successione anche tra coppie gay

The Constitutional Court has declared unconstitutional a law on inheritance because discriminatory towards same-sex couples as a matter of fact, by ordering Parliament to Ljubljana to correct the rules within six months, i.e. ensure stable gay couples the same inheritance rights as heterosexual de facto couples. Looking at a specific case of [...]

Apr 102013
Australia - Stalker of "world's first" intersex mayor and LGBTI advocate given five year restraining order

The man who stalked Hobsons Bay councillor Tony Briffa received a five-year intervention order yesterday at Sunshine Magistrates’ Court. The former Hobsons Bay mayor, touted as the world’s first intersex mayor, and LGBTI advocate welcomed the intervention order that expires at midnight on April 2, 2018. “I am elated and relieved the Magistrates’ Court issued [...]

Apr 032013
Malta - Jubilation greets transsexual marriage announcement

News that government is to amend the Marriage Act – so that transsexuals may marry partners of their choice according to their ‘acquired’ gender – was greeted with jubilation and relief yesterday. None, however, was quite as jubilant as Joanne Cassar: a post-op transsexual whose right to marry her long-term (male) partner became the subject [...]

Apr 022013
Chile - Rolando Jiménez, Movilh: "Constitución establece que los ciudadanos nos podemos reunir de manera pacífica"

This week the movement for Homosexual integration and Liberation (Movilh), will present at the courts of Justice an application for protection which will seek to ensure that citizens can express freely in the country according to the existing Constitution which dictates. On appeal, the leader explained that "referring to the constitutional guarantee to demonstrate [...]

Apr 022013
ACT UP/Paris - Le laboratoire Novartis débouté par la Cour suprême indienne : soulagement des malades et des activistes du monde entier

The supreme Court of New Delhi today dismissed the Swiss laboratory Novartis with its complaint against the Indian State, after seven years of procedure. Since 2006, the pharmaceutical group was trying to get a patent on the reformulation of an existing anti-cancer molecule, Gleevec. Pursuant to the Indian Act on patents [1], the India had [...]