May 142013
Россия - Владислава Торнового: Гей-активисты будут пикетировать представительство Волгоградской области в Москве

It became known as project GayRussia, 19 May 4:0 pm in the Volgograd region representative office in Moscow will be single pickets in memory of the victims of homophobic crimes. The reason for the protest was the brutal murder in Volgograd on the night of 9 May 5/10/23 the 23-year-old Vladislav Tornovogo. According to law enforcement officials and the news media, crimes may have been committed by [...]

May 142013
Italia - Roma Pride 2013: Lgbtqi, "Roma città aperta" Il 15 giugno il Pride 2013

A few days from May 17, the international day against homophobia, lesbophobia and transphobia, promoters of the initiative groups launch a political document and attack the institutions: "Remained deaf to the legitimate property rights claims and awards, unable to provide responses to" company "Rome, open city". It is the slogan of Rome Pride 2013, which will be held [...]

May 102013
Россия - Петербургские власти разрешили ЛГБТ-активистам выступить против гомофобии в местном гайд-парке

As it became known on Friday May 10, St. Petersburg authorities have allowed LGBT activists from local organization of "exit" and "Alliance for LGBT equal rights to heterosexuals" to May 17, the international day opposing homophobia and transphobia, rally to support the rights of homosexuals and condemn intolerance. The venue for the event will be the Champ de Mars, the authorities of St. Petersburg as the so-called Hyde Park – [...]

May 082013
USA - Religious leaders: Gay rights plan seen as threat to immigration bill

Religious leaders said Wednesday that adding a gay rights proposal to immigration legislation could risk their support for the bill, setting up a potential Senate showdown. “We’re extremely hopeful that this bill will remain an immigration bill and not get tangled up with the issue of gay rights,” said Richard Land (pictured), a leader of [...]

May 082013
Indonesia - Alcaldesa: pide que los homosexuales sean azotados en público, para "erradicar esa enfermedad social".

The Mayor of a province in Indonesia requests that homosexuals are flogged in public, to "eradicate this social disease". Indonesia-the authorities of Aceh province want to integrate more violent repression measures against the LGBT community, seek to regulate spanking gays and lesbians. Adopted such control, men [...]

May 082013
France - Mika sera la tête d'affiche d'un concert gratuit organisé à Paris pour célébrer la loi sur le mariage homosexuel

The singer Mika will be headlined by a free concert held May 21 in Paris to celebrate the law on same-sex marriage and reaffirm the importance of the fight against homophobia, announced Wednesday the Inter-LGBT (lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans). The Franco-British artist, who has made public his homosexuality last September, will occur [...]

Apr 292013
Россия - Комитет Госдумы предложил штрафовать за "оправдание гомосексуализма" и проведение публичных акций в его поддержку

According to "Kommersant" newspaper Saturday, the deputies of the State Duma can tighten them the Bill banning so-called homosexual propaganda among minors. Ppubličnoe "excuse of homosexuality" and "development of juvenile social distorted picture of equivalence between traditional and non-traditional" relationship could be in Russia for which offences would face fines from the 4th. up to 500 thousand. rub. [...]

Apr 262013
USA - Why Latin America’s homophobic leaders should stop their gay-bashing (Tim Padgett)

We tend to think of mean-spirited homophobia as the political purview of right-wing conservatives. But Nicolás Maduro showed us that, in Venezuela at least, it can be one of socialism’s ugly undercurrents too. Maduro narrowly won Venezuela’s special presidential election on April 14; and though the votes are supposed to be recounted, he was sworn [...]

Apr 252013
Rumænien - EU-Domstolen regler top fodboldklub skal bevise det ikke gøre homofobiske udtalelser

The European Court of Justice decides that it is up to the Romanian Football Club Steaua Bucharest to prove to the Club's former owner George Becali not discriminated against an alleged gay professional football player. The statements came in 2010 during an interview about a possible transfer of an unnamed Bulgarian footballer. – Not even if I was forced to close the Steaua, I'd [...]

Apr 242013
Australia - Controversial upcoming Sydney 'family values' conference angers gay community

A psychiatrist (pictured) who believes she can cure gayness and a politician who believes marriage is now “meaningless” after New Zealand legalised gay marriage are causing a stir before they’ve even landed in Australia. Several controversial personalities will head to Sydney next month to deliver keynote addresses at the world’s biggest ‘family values’ conference, the [...]