May 142013
USA - Couple sues over adopted son’s early sex-assignment surgery

A South Carolina couple sued doctors and state social workers on Tuesday for subjecting a 16-month-old child born with both male and female genitalia to what they say was medically unnecessary and irreversible sex-assignment surgery while the toddler was in foster care. The state and federal lawsuits – believed by the couple’s lawyers to be [...]

May 132013
Philippines - Yoga for Life holds mass yoga for HIV awareness

Yoga enthusiasts and HIV advocates led by Yoga for Life (YFL), a community helping people affected by HIV through yoga and meditation, mark the 30th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial in the country with a mass yoga practice on Sunday, May 26, at the Quezon Memorial Circle. The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial has been observed every [...]

May 102013
Deutschland - "Ich würde nie ein Präservativ verwenden": Politikerin Arantza Quiroga tritt radikal gegen abtreibung und homo-ehe ein

Whenever Arantza Quiroga (photo) occurs anywhere, silenced the talks and this is due not only to her fabulous looks. The current President of the Basque Parliament to enforce white and is known for its strict labour discipline. It asks also candidly they by their peers. The culmination of her career could come in a few days, because of the [...]

May 092013
USA - The first AIDS generation: Grappling with why we're alive and what it means (Michelangelo Signorile)

It was a rainy day in Central Park in the summer of ’92 when we attempted to send Michael Santulli’s ashes aloft over Strawberry Fields in white, helium-filled balloons. But it was one of those requests that Michael hadn’t thought through in those hazy, painful last days of his life, and someone probably should have [...]

May 082013
USA - Mathematical model by University of Delaware-led team measures hidden HIV

University of Delaware-led research team reports new evidence that hidden virus replication may be occurring within the body’s tissue, despite undetectable virus levels in the blood. The findings were reported in theJournal of the Royal Society Interfaceon May 8. The discovery came after the paper’s lead author, Ryan Zurakowski (pictured, left), assistant professor of electrical and [...]

May 082013
Belgie - De Gucht wil onderzoeken of homo's stamcellen kunnen doneren

Community senator Jean-Jacques De Gucht (Open Vld) wants also male homosexuals may be eligible for stem cell donation. Through a proposal of resolution he wants the opinion of the Advisory Committee on bioethics on the scientific ability to also male homosexuals as stem cell donor. Today are the criteria that must be met for stem cell donors in parallel with [...]

May 062013
South Africa - Justice Edwin Cameron is only openly gay and HIV positive judge, says stigma continues

A pioneering judge and activist from South Africa says the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS continues in Africa, despite advances in treatment. Justice Edwin Cameron is South Africa’s only openly gay and HIV positive judge. He went public and revealed his HIV status in 1999, and was an outspoken advocate for the provision of lifesaving [...]

May 062013
Global health report: Blackmail, violence and stigma restrict access to sexual health services for gay men

The Global Forum for MSM and HIV has released an analysis of its 2012 Global Men’s Health and Rights Study (GMHRS) concentrating on young men under 30 who have sex with men (MSM), complementing the full report which came out in December 2012. Taken together, both reports reveal that MSM globally are faced with high [...]

May 062013
AIDS - The truth about Patient Zero (Don Sapatkin)

The 1987 New York Post headline — THE MAN WHO GAVE US AIDS — was arguably one of the most influential of all time. “Patient Zero” — a promiscuous gay Canadian flight attendant — had spread AIDS from coast to coast. The story sparked sensational media coverage, drove a book onto the bestseller lists, pushed [...]

May 062013
UK - Sex in prisons: Campaigners warn of culture of denial over sexual relationships between inmates

An HIV-positive inmate who was having unprotected sex with another prisoner was refused condoms by jail staff in a potentially harmful breach of guidelines, the Chief Inspector of Prisons has revealed. In another incident, managers of one jail claimed that they did not need to provide their prisoners with protection because none of them was [...]