hate speech

May 142013
USA - 'Geography of Hate' maps racist, homophobic, ableist tweets

Twitter has the capacity to ignite revolutions and enable small acts of kindness, but there’s also a darker side to the microblogging network. Floating Sheep, a group of geography academics, created the “Geography of Hate,” which maps racist, homophobic and ableist tweets in the U.S. After searching for all geotagged tweets in North America between June 2012 and April [...]

May 142013
Россия - Трагедия в Волгограде – предупреждение нашим политикам

Russian information agency "Novosti" published May 14 article "what inspired assassins" in Volgograd, the author of which Mikhail Rostovsky blames Russian politicians that they gomofobnymi their actions provoked such brutal killings, the murder of Vladislav Tornovogo in Volgograd on May 10. "The most heinous crimes are often committed by the most noble slogans. Tragedy in Volgograd, where two otmorozka to [...]

May 132013
Northern Ireland - 80% of homophobic, transphobic attacks not reported – study

Anti-gay violence in Northern Ireland is massively underplayed, with eight out of 10 attacks not reported to the police, according to research. As the lord mayor of Belfast prepared to launch Anti-Homophobia Week at the city hall on Monday, a report by the Equality Commission reveals that nearly half of the gay community in the province (44%) [...]

May 082013
Nigeria - LGBT group "The Right Defense" release statement against government anti-gay policies

Homosexuals in Nigeria are not happy with the government, they said in a statement on Tuesday, following a meeting they held in Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital, southwest Nigeria. In a statement titled: “Same sex prohibition: Group flays government on anti-citizen laws and abuse of human rights”, the group known as “The Right Defense”, said [...]

Apr 292013
Belgie - Vrouw belaagd na optreden in lesbische modeshow

Fatima Tinouzar (39), a Moroccan-Genk, all days long because they threatened during a fashion show in Hasselt a lesbian character played. "I get anonymous threatening phone calls from people from the Moroccan community because I would be lesbian", says Fatima. "But that is not true: I'm straight, but played just a lesbian character." Fatima stresses [...]