hate crimes

May 142013
Bolivia -  Por año registran 5 asesinatos por homofobia o transfobia

During the last ten years 55 murders of TLGB (Trans, lesbian, gay and bisexual) people were recorded in the country, only 12 became a process of investigation and none obtained judgment. Most of the complaints to the Ombudsman is negligence of authorities. "We are very indignant at the crimes that were committed [...]

May 142013
Russia - Homophobic murder: Two detained after man is beaten and tortured to death in anti-gay attack in Volgograd

A 23-year-old man has been tortured to death in southern Russia, in what investigators are calling a homophobic attack. The severely beaten, naked body of the as-yet-unnamed victim was found in an apartment building in the southern city of Volgograd (pictured) on Saturday, suffering numerous injuries and mutilations. Two men have been detained in connection [...]

May 142013
Россия - Трагедия в Волгограде – предупреждение нашим политикам

Российское информационное агентство «Новости» опубликовало 14 мая статью «Что вдохновило убийц в Волгограде», автор которой Михаил Ростовский упрекает российских политиков в том, что они своими гомофобными действиями провоцируют жестокие убийства, подобные убийству Владислава Торнового в Волгограде 10 мая. «Самые чудовищные преступления часто совершаются под самыми благородными лозунгами. Трагедия в Волгограде, где два отморозка в целях [...]

May 142013
Россия - Владислава Торнового: Гей-активисты будут пикетировать представительство Волгоградской области в Москве

It became known as project GayRussia, 19 May 4:0 pm in the Volgograd region representative office in Moscow will be single pickets in memory of the victims of homophobic crimes. The reason for the protest was the brutal murder in Volgograd on the night of 9 May 5/10/23 the 23-year-old Vladislav Tornovogo. According to law enforcement officials and the news media, crimes may have been committed by [...]

May 132013
Bolivia - Colectivo LGBT: "Denuncian impunidad en casos contra miembros de grupo TLGB"

The collective Trans, lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (TLGB) of Bolivia reported that no cases of abuse or discrimination against people with a different sexual orientation not clarified in the country. The Office of the Ombudsman confirmed that charges these defendants did not receive any punishment. The problem of discrimination against the members of the [...]

May 132013
Northern Ireland - 80% of homophobic, transphobic attacks not reported – study

Anti-gay violence in Northern Ireland is massively underplayed, with eight out of 10 attacks not reported to the police, according to research. As the lord mayor of Belfast prepared to launch Anti-Homophobia Week at the city hall on Monday, a report by the Equality Commission reveals that nearly half of the gay community in the province (44%) [...]

Apr 292013
Italia - Via Ostiense, aggressione omofoba: «Due giovani insultati e aggrediti da un gruppo di ragazzi e ragazze»

Homophobic aggression in via Ostiense. To terminate it Imma Battaglia, President Di'Gay Project that tells: "this night, in via Ostiense, on leaving the room where they work, two gay boys, Louis Esposito and Nicolas Garcia, were insulted with homophobic epithets and savagely beaten by a group of four boys and three girls. Nothing is worth [...]

Apr 292013
Magyarország - Megkezdődött a homofób debreceni gyilkos tárgyalása

Debrecen – the first instance of trial, in the Court of Debrecen, acting as a 25 year old young man, who, according to the prosecution last August in advance kitervelten, brutal cruelty for a murdered-unknown-until the day gay man, because he hates the nemükhöz heritage in their own people. The accused on Monday not to testify before the Court; previously, the [...]

Apr 222013
Argentina - Nuevas leyes y conductas para abordar la discriminación desde una perspectiva cultural (Pedro Robledo)

In recent times, we have witnessed in Argentina valuable and necessary debates and transformations, both legal and social, in the field of discrimination by sexual condition. We know that laws and policies are not isolated from society, they are the result of the latter, and at the same time they can modify it. In this [...]