Dec 092011
Việt Nam - Chuyện đời của một người đồng tính

"If you don't tell my mom still knows his is pêđê. Sorry that you are not my daughter, if not the very beautiful ", saying of her mother makes Psalm (the boy in the third world) obsession. LINQing Glory since, he was born into a family of teachers [...]

Dec 092011
Pakistan - Gay rights sensitive issue

Pakistan today said gay rights were a sensitive issue that could “directly clash” with the cultural and religious ethos of the people. Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said Pakistan and several other countries did not support the inclusion of a reference to gay rights in the communique issued at the recent Perth Commonwealth Heads of [...]

Dec 012011
Sir Elton John's anger at the 'fascists, idiots and assholes' who continue to stigmatise AIDS on World AIDS Day

Sir Elton John declared a new war on AIDS and launched a tirade against the “fascists, idiots and assholes” who continue to stigmatise the disease. The musician, who plays Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley on Saturday and Sunday, finished off World AIDS Day 2011 with a bang – watching fireworks over a red Sydney [...]