Jan 082012
Reino Unido - Colaboraciones de Mercury y Jackson verán la luz este año

Roger Taylor and Brian May of the band "Queen" have announced that they finally obtained permission to share with the world three collaborations between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. The songs were recorded in the early 1980s, and have not been published; they are still being arranged, and is expected to be published this year [...]

Jan 062012
França - AIDS: entre a cura possível e um novo surto mundial

Despite the progress of the research, provided the first description of AIDS in June 1981, pronounce the word "cure" is foolhardy. In May 1983, isolating the agent responsible for this overall impairment of the immune system, named after human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Thirty years of research enabled us to reach a [...]

Jan 062012
USA - Navajo Nation deals with rise in HIV infection rates

While infection rates of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are holding steady or declining nationwide, the number of HIV-positive diagnoses on the Navajo reservation is rising. The Los Angeles Times reports that issues such as poverty, poor education, alcohol abuse and other hardships in the Four Corners region, home to the Diné people, foster an [...]

Jan 052012
USA - 2012: Larry Kramer hopes Spielberg's movie courageously depicts a gay Abraham Lincoln, and wishes The New Yorker would wake up

1) I hope that Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner will be honest and courageous enough to give us a gay Abraham Lincoln, unlike Clint Eastwood and Dustin Lance Black who failed us mightily with “J. Edgar,” which is really an awful movie. 2) I hope The New Yorker magazine will start to more generously welcome [...]

Jan 052012
Argentina - Hubo más de 1.700 consultas por discriminación en 2011

El INADI (Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación, la Xenofobia y el Racismo) Chubut dio a conocer un informe de las actividades institucionales y gestiones que la delegación a realizado en el transcurso the cargo Alejandra Tolosa ha the 2011. And total, recibieron 1.715 consultas, un 10.5% más que, aunque sólo 40 situaciones llegaron and 2010 [...]

Jan 052012
Nederland - Media bevestigen vooroordelen over diversiteit

That's the thesis of Pride Photo Award during the media debate that it organises for (picture) editors and television makers on Thursday 19 January 2012 in Amsterdam. The debate ' better picture ' is about the influence of images on prejudices on sexual and gender diversity. "When an article about violence against gays places media quiet a picture of she male [...]

Jan 052012
Deutschland - Finanzgerichte outen sich

The last big tax privileges of marriage enters falter: more and more financial courts classify the discrimination against of homosexual couples when the spouses-splitting as unlawful reason. But the Coalition, notably the CSU, further alignment of partnership in marriage so far categorically rejects. There is not much that still not met Manfred Bruns in his 77 years [...]

Jan 042012
USA - 'Thrilling' nomination for transgender actor

When Film Independent announced its nominees for the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards last month, it may have just made history. Harmony Santana, a transgender actor, was nominated in the category for Best Supporting Female for her performance in “Gun Hill Road”, writer/director Rashaad Ernesto Green’s tale of a father who comes home from jail to discover that his [...]

Jan 042012
Argentina - Ser gay: "De chico, mis padres vivían enojados conmigo"

Conc his half a century lived, Roberto recapitulates on his walk, his homosexual awakening, the important thing would have been for him to count with the support of their parents in key moments of his life. Contrary to this, remember this story that it shares with painted Boquitas, their parents did not understand it: "angry with me and I lived [...]

Jan 032012
Chile - LAN Airlines launches gay travel site

Santiago, Chile-based LAN Airlines announced it has launched a gay website called LANdiversity.com to showcase “the diversity found throughout South America” and also to act as a resource for LGBT travelers throughout South America. It is not, however, the only airline to court the gay community. Virgin America, Southwest Court Gay Flyers A number of [...]