Jun 272012
Laos - Première gay pride organisée

Laos held Monday its first gay pride under the auspices of the Embassy of the United States in Vientiane, an event still confidential but considered as a first step towards the recognition of the rights of homosexuals in a very conservative society.

Jun 252012
'War on drugs' is fueling HIV epidemic according to Richard Branson, 6 former presidents

A pressure group that includes 6 former presidents called Tuesday, June 26, for the United Nations to acknowledge that “repressive drug law enforcement” was driving an HIV/AIDS pandemic. The global “war on drugs” was forcing users away from treatment and into environments where the risk of contracting HIV was high, the Global Commission on Drug [...]

Jun 252012
USA - OccuPride intercepts Gay Pride Parade with 'No Pride in foreclosures!' banner in front of Wells Fargo float

OccuPride, the Occupy movement for Gay Pride, temporarily blocked the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade today, effectively slowing down the route for contingents while making their presence known in a peaceful manner. An estimated hundred or so protesters intercepted annual walk up Market Street. The group chanted such gems as, “Out of the sidewalks into [...]

Jun 242012
Italia - Roma Pride: "Siamo 150mila"Musica, volti dipinti e il "bacio azzurro"

The head of the RomaPride procession 2012 came in piazza Bocca della verità. "We want everything" is the banner that opens the long train. Freddy Mercury's voice, "I want it all" opens the parade. They go from piazza della Repubblica after 16. Twenty wagons they accompany the procession, including that of the Organizing Committee: a two-storey nglese autobusi, with the logo of the event. Gay center and Arcigay Rome asking to remove the homophobic posters of Militia Christi affixes in town.

Jun 222012
Nepal - LGBT communities happy over move to liberalise ID cards

Hindu-majority Nepal said today that it will start issuing identification cards with three categories for genders — a move hailed by gay activists, who said previous regulations had been discriminatory. Up until now, the government has issued the cards only to people who identified themselves as either male or female. People identified as transgender said [...]

Jun 212012
USA - "Larry Kramer engages as much as he lays bare in his AIDS-crisis masterpiece"

The power of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart lies not only in its incisive, witty and emotionally honest account of the birthing pains of New York City’s first AIDS activists, but in its universal truths. For when Kramer’s feisty (and largely autobiographical) protagonist Ned Weeks despairs, ”We’re all going to go crazy, living this epidemic every minute, while [...]

Jun 212012
USA - In Washington D.C., HIV infection rate nearly doubles for some poor black women

The HIV infection rate for heterosexual African American women in the District’s poorest neighborhoods nearly doubled in two years, from 6.3 percent to 12.1 percent, according to a study released Wednesday by the D.C. Department of Health. The large increase reflects wider testing of people who were previously unaware of their status and possibly a [...]

Jun 192012
Denmark - Partners of 27 years become first married gay couple in Danish national church

Last Friday went Stig Elling down the aisle in Frederiksberg Kirke, together with his partner through 27 years, Steen Andersen. Thus they became the first gay couple who were devoted and declared correct genuine people in a Danish Lutheran Church. Many gay celebrates these days that they can now go into the Church and be blessed as married couples just like any other couple who love each other.

Jun 182012
China - LGBT Community Leader Conference in Beijing debates future of LGBT movement

From 16 to 17 June 2012, the China Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Community Leader Conference successfully took place in Beijing. In a historic first, the conference managed to gather a varied selection of Chinese LGBT movement leaders. Emphasizing the participation of communities whose voice remains largely underrepresented in China’s LGBT movement, representatives of [...]