Apr 122013
France - Homo-Ehe spaltet: "Es wird Bürgerkrieg geben"

"Excuse me that I show you. It is the face of Moisés." On his Facebook page has Wilfred uploaded for all visible a photo of yourself. It shows the horribly dressed face of the young man from Paris - the eyes of shock swollen, wounds and blood everywhere. Wilfred is gay. He and his partner were on [...]

Apr 092013
Niederlande - Putin in Amsterdam: Demonstrationen und Regenbogenflaggen auf Halbmast

The visit of the Russian head of State Vladimir Putin in Amsterdam was accompanied by numerous protests. Especially lesbians and gay men have demonstrated against the laws against "Homosexual propaganda", which is to be decided in Moscow. Putin himself mocked the demonstrators. The Mayor of Amsterdam left the city during the controversial visit to half-mast breeze all rainbow flags. Official Amsterdam [...]

Apr 082013
Nederland - Duizenden betogen tegen antihomowet

The visit of Russian president Vladimir Putin to Amsterdam has mobilised thousands of protesters Monday. They got together at the maritime museum, where Putin consultation had with Prime Minister Rutte, and protested against the Russian anti-homosexual. The protesters danced to loud dance music and had rainbow flags. Also they carried signs with slogans like ' Putin text [...]

Mar 302013
USA - Boston College's anti-condom rule makes no sense (Sally Holmes)

Earlier this month, Boston College, a Jesuit university, ordered the end to so-called Safe Sites — the eighteen student-run outlets on and off campus that provide free contraceptives and information on sexual health. According to the Boston Globe, the letter stated that providing their peers with forms of birth control conflicted with the students’ “responsibility to protect [...]

Mar 272013
USA - How opinion on same-sex marriage is changing, and what it means (Nate Silver)

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week on two cases related to same-sex marriage, the first involving a California referendum that barred gay marriage, the other involving a federal law that prevents the government from recognizing same-sex unions. A variety of outcomes are possible, but it seems prudent to take stock of public opinion on same-sex marriage before [...]