Apr 172012
Taiwan - One in five gays has attempted suicide, survey shows

Nearly 20 percent of homosexuals in Taiwan have attempted suicide due to discrimination, a survey showed Tuesday, dealing a blow to the island’s reputation as a liberal haven for gays. About 30 percent have considered taking their own lives, and of these 18 percent have actually tried to kill themselves, according to the survey sponsored [...]

Apr 162012
USA - Rosie O'Donnell responds to street preacher who calls her "A lesbian pig" Yay, Rosie O’Donnell. She said all the right things when confronted by a demented street preacher yelling epithets and threats at her, as seen on the above video I caught on the Christian Nightmares site. “You are an ungodly, wicked woman on your way to hell,” says the miscreant. “You need to get saved.” [...]

Apr 132012
Iraq - 'My family wanted to shoot me for being gay', says Iraqi medic, 'life was better for homosexuals under Saddam'

A gay Iraqi medic has told how he was forced to flee his homeland to avoid being killed by his family because of his sexuality. The young man, identified only as Ahmed, escaped to Jordan after being betrayed by his boyfriend who sent explicit pictures of them together to his uncle. He said in a [...]

Apr 122012
Chile - Entrevista exclusiva a Iván Zamudio respecto a eventos de beneficio a su familia

The address of the emergency Hospital of public assistance (former Central Post), said on Monday that the deceased young man Daniel Zamudio's family does not have any kind of financial debt to the institution. The response comes after several requirements of the press, regarding the purpose of the events and fundraisers that have been [...]

Apr 092012
Australia - Long-running soap, 'Neighbours', features its first male kiss in 27 year history to viewer praise

The scene at a house party, which aired last night, featured openly gay character Chris Pappas (James Mason) locked in a passionate dance floor kiss with on-screen boyfriend Aidan Foster, played by former Home and Away actor Bob Morley. Neighbours faced a backlash from talkback callers and conservative groups when a lesbian kiss between schoolgirls [...]

Apr 072012
Australia - Same-sex advocates hail Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's sister, Christine Forster, coming out

Same-sex marriage advocates hope the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, will change his stance now that his sister Christine has come out as a lesbian and equal rights campaigner. Christine Forster, one of three Abbott sisters, posed for photographs with her partner Virginia Edwards at a ”Lesbians in the (Opera) House” event in support of same-sex [...]

Apr 062012
Kurdistan - A call to arms, 'The Kurd, an oppressor of gays in Kurdistan'

I once met Kurdistan. He said to me: I am denied my existence and my identity by heartless oppressors. I am treated as trash by indoctrinated adherents. I am mocked, molested and murdered by those who do not understand that I am a human being. Yes, I answered understandingly, you are oppressed because you are [...]

Apr 062012
Australia - New film, 'The Cure', documents clash between faith and sexuality and 'reparative' programs

Filmmaker Heather Corkhill was 15 when she came out to her mother. The decision was not made lightly. Raised in a religious household and a student at a single-sex Christian school, Corkhill was sure her same-sex attraction meant leaving church and family behind. But her experience was positive. Her mother supported her sexuality, and though [...]