Apr 292013
Canada - Same-sex financial planning not just about money (Gail Johnson)

Annette Klein and Stephanie Fraser have made smart moves when it comes to their finances. The married Vancouver parents have designated each other as beneficiaries on their registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) and drawn up wills. And while same-sex partners have all the same rights as other couples, there are distinctions when it comes to [...]

Apr 262013
Österreich - Regenbogen Kindersegen

If the company is already more than politics: on a visit to four Austrian Rainbow families. Here, the Stork has landed. Colorful pennants adorn the garden fence of the semi-detached house a housing estate in pfaffstätten, lower Austria, Austria. The Stork wooden has made available to the community, a neighbor stitched the flag: 'Elijah' inscribed on it. The hanging, as [...]

Apr 252013
Deutschland - Ein Baby mit vier Eltern

Premiere in the Bundestag. Nothing unusual is that an elected officials father. That now the FDP Bundestag parliamentarian Michael Kauch (45) about the birth of his daughter can enjoy, nevertheless. The Liberals from Dortmund is married with a man, the engineer Henry Patke (36), for four years. The two together with a lesbian satisfied the fertility [...]

Apr 242013
Australia - Controversial upcoming Sydney 'family values' conference angers gay community

A psychiatrist (pictured) who believes she can cure gayness and a politician who believes marriage is now “meaningless” after New Zealand legalised gay marriage are causing a stir before they’ve even landed in Australia. Several controversial personalities will head to Sydney next month to deliver keynote addresses at the world’s biggest ‘family values’ conference, the [...]

Apr 242013
France - Mariage gay: "Les dispositions sur l'adoption sont un des points faibles de la loi"

Less than an hour after the adoption by the National Assembly text opening marriage and adoption by same-sex couples, UMP and IDU parliamentarians seized the Constitutional Council. Their goal: do censor by proving that he does not respect the basic law. Can the text be invalidated? Lighting of Didier Maus, Constitutionalist. Parliamentarians [...]

Apr 192013
New Zealand - Marriage bill leaves a few inequalities to sort out including adoption, visas

The legalisation of gay marriage in New Zealand does not eliminate every shred of legal inequalities for gay couples, with a grey area still remaining around adoption. Same-sex married couples could also run into problems when seeking visas in other countries, legal experts warned after the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill passed into law [...]