May 142013
Australia - Gay faithful win church's blessing in Queenscliff

A Queenscliff church is standing up for equality with a special project designed to raise awareness of gay rights. Uniting Church ministers Kerry Lingham and Charles Gallacher, parents to twin gay sons, would also like people to know that, whatever their sexual orientation, the doors to their church are open wide. For Grovedale teenager, Fraser [...]

May 092013
USA - Gay binational family inclusion: "may kill Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill"

A proposal to expand gay rights is threatening to splinter a fragile, bipartisan agreement on immigration reform and kill a pillar of President Obama’s second-term agenda. The Senate Gang of Eight, which crafted the immigration legislation, pledged to fight off “poison pill” amendments that would derail the bill. But one controversial proposal has already divided [...]

May 082013
Sverige - Socialutskottet nobbade transsexuellas patientförening att även i framtiden kunna föda barn.

If two weeks debating a bill that, among other things, makes it possible for a woman who changes legal gender to be able to bear children. The transsexual patient Association Benjamin is against the proposal, but have not had their say directly to the Committee. In the spring, the Committee prepared the Government Bill, the Repeal of the requirement for sterilization [...]

May 062013
Deutschland - Homosexueller Samenspender Schwuler Vater: Markus hat 22 Kinder

Markus is 22-facher father - and he knows all of his children. Two babies are also still on the way. The unusual story of an unusual Munich father. Munich - Markus k. (45) is 1.94 meters tall, slim and brunette. He wears glasses. He speaks slowly and softly. Often he folds his hands over his suit pants, in a [...]

May 062013
France - Mariage gay : des dizaines de milliers d'opposants dans la rue

Several events take place everywhere in France this Sunday against gay marriage at the call of the La Manif collective for all. Gatherings are organized especially to Paris, Rennes, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse, Dijon, Lille, Amiens, Saint-Raphaël, Chartres, Dreux, Niort and on the island of Oléron. They will show "until the end of the five years if necessary" in [...]

May 062013
India - "Gender needs to be consensual" says report on Queer Person Assigned Gender Female at Birth (PAGFB)

Gender needs to be consensual, argued the recently released study report on Queer Person Assigned Gender Female at Birth (PAGFB) by LABIA – A Queer Feminist Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LBT) collective. LABIA, a Mumbai-based autonomous, voluntary collective, with a focus on queer and feminist activism, released the report last week in Mumbai. “However, my [...]