May 132013
Polska - O transseksualizmie na uniwersytecie. Pierwsza taka konferencja.

Conference "Transgender transdyscyplinarnie" aims to encourage a deeper reflection on the phenomenon of transpłciowości through the prism of different Sciences: Humanities, social, medical, legal, and integrate approach to these disciplines. Speakers will look for cultural, affecting the image of the transpłciowości, its social reception and variants in different ethnic groups. Will be etiologią the phenomenon of transpłciowości, its possible impact on the functioning of the body. [...]

May 082013
Polska - "Gej" i "lesbijka" wejdą do szkół? Posłowie chcą zmiany podręczników

Anna Grodzka and Robert Biedroń sounding the alarm. They checked that in over 350-page basis of programmatic or not fall the words "gay" or. "lesbian". This, however, only the beginning. The members follow the blow and to the minister of national education of Krystyna Szumilas flexicurity in the petition. Convince her that it is not known what about homo-and transseksualizmie have to know [...]

May 062013
UK - Sex in prisons: Campaigners warn of culture of denial over sexual relationships between inmates

An HIV-positive inmate who was having unprotected sex with another prisoner was refused condoms by jail staff in a potentially harmful breach of guidelines, the Chief Inspector of Prisons has revealed. In another incident, managers of one jail claimed that they did not need to provide their prisoners with protection because none of them was [...]

Apr 292013
Francia - Omosessualità nei manuali scolastici

School textbooks are rewritten on the basis of sexual orientation. One week after the adoption by the French Parliament of the law on gay marriage that has split the country, stirs controversy in France the proposal of some Ministers and associations of a revision of schoolbooks in respect of homosexuality with the introduction, in particular, of the [...]

Apr 242013
Sverige - Stockholmsskola inför könsneutralt omklädningsrum

Now, Sweden's first unisex dressing rooms. Södra latin Gymnasium in Stockholm has pushed the question now becomes reality. "We want to remain at the forefront of gender issues, says Camille Trombetti (photo) to Aftonbladet. They are the first in the country. But when asked about a third dressing room was raised was welcomed there and both school management and Student Council took the bait. – [...]

Apr 232013
Philippines - First-ever LGBT and gender sensitivity training held for Manila police officers

Some 40 police officers of Inspector and Senior Inspector rank from the Caloocan Police Station of Caloocan City in Manila, and about 10 criminology students were the first to attend the first-ever LGBT and gender sensitivity training seminar held earlier this month by LGBT activists in the Philippines. The 1-day training session held on April [...]

Apr 222013
Danmark - DR3 undersøger livet blandt ’homolesbians’

' Homolesbians ' is the name of the new program series on DR3, who in four programs draw a portrait of the lesbians environment in Denmark. The first program broadcast Monday 6. may kl. 21.30. Until 1981 performing homosexuality as an illness of the official lists in Denmark. Over the years, doctors have tried to ' heal ' lesbians with among others hypnosis [...]

Apr 222013
日本 - 世界各国で【同性婚】が合法化されている理由とは?

In 2013, legal same-sex marriage in many countries or cut the Weir, Bill is permitted.

"Marriage equality bill" was passed in South America Uruguay 4/10.

Rights with marriage and adoption by same-sex couples in France Senate 4/12 Bill passed.

4/17 Recognize same-sex marriage in New Zealand law amendment was passed. August is actually issued. The country same-sex marriage recognized for the first time in the Asia-Pacific region. 13 1St gay marriage legalization would be in the whole world.

Were same-sex marriage Bill passed in industrialized countries in the Pacific and South America, and Europe. It had said in 2013, the movement to authorize same-sex marriage in the world actively. Yuyintang is about real situation in each country and Japan.

Apr 222013
Bali - Grand Council of Customary Villages to launch campaign against HIV/AIDS discrimination

The highly influential and respected Grand Council of Customary Villages (MUDP) plans to launch continuous campaigns to eliminate discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS across Bali. The campaigns, slated to start in July, will first target 450 out of the total 1,500 customary villages on the island. MUDP is an umbrella organization for nearly 1,500 customary [...]

Apr 192013
UK - Gay students: invisible on campus?

Homophobia is an issue that affects all UK universities, says NUS LGBT officer Finn McGoldrick. So why, she asks, aren’t institutions doing more to support their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students? It’s a question that will be debated on Friday during the annual NUS LGBT campaign conference. The three-day event in Manchester will see [...]

Apr 192013
Ghana - 19 'homosexual' students of Opoku Ware Secondary High School sacked

19 students of Opoku Ware Secondary High School in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi have been dismissed for practicing homosexuality in the school. According to XYZ News’ Ashanti regional correspondent, Isaac Bediako Justice, four out of the 19 students are in their first year while 15 are second and final year students. According to [...]