Apr 072013
Colombia - El cardenal Rubén Salazar dice que parejas gays no pueden ser familia

The Cardinal from Colombia, Rubén Salazar, ensures that a true marriage is between a man and a woman, but says that other unions have the right to exist, nobody can ask them that they do not exist; but do not try to match the family"cardinal Ruben Salazar joined the debate generated by the decision which must [...]

Apr 052013
USA - Texas A&M student president says ‘religious funding exemption’ bill has sullied school’s reputation

Texas A&M University’s student body president is seeking to tamp down a controversy over an effort to allow students to request that a portion of their tuition or fees not be used to pay for a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Resource Center. Student body president John Claybrook vetoed a bill Friday morning the student [...]

Apr 052013
USA - As gay marriage is at a tipping point, what about women's equality? (Sarah Jane Stratford)

Even conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly has figured it out: there’s a clear connection between the progress of women’s rights and gay rights. Schlafly defeated the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s by warning of female soldiers, same-sex marriage, and the possibility that straight marriages would lose their strictly defined gender roles. In 2009, she said, [...]

Apr 042013
Uganda - Diputados piden que el proyecto que penaliza la homosexualidad se debata a puerta cerrada para no perder el favor de occidente.

According to the Ugandan daily The Observer, some members of Ugandan Parliament have been concerned because their posture favorable to the Bill seeking to toughen the criminal treatment of homosexuality is known outside the Ugandan borders, and be lost economic contributions to various projects that will provide them from Western countries. By [...]

Apr 032013
Canada - Steinbach Manitoba student, Evan Wiens, gets gay-straight alliance victory

A gay high school student in Steinbach, Man., has been given approval to put up posters promoting his gay-straight alliance group after a month of being forbidden to do so. Evan Wiens, 17, set up the group last month but was initially stopped from promoting it in school hallways. “I put them up [Monday], they [...]

Apr 022013
Россия - Визит Путина в Нидерланды пройдет на фоне гей-парада против российского закона о «пропаганде гомосексуализма»

On Tuesday, Russia's Ambassador to the Netherlands, Roman Kolodkin, President's Special Representative for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi told reporters as President Vladimir Putin and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will open in Amsterdam on 8 April the Russian-Dutch. Putin's visit to the Netherlands will take place against the background of the Gay Parade ... Russian law on "promoting homosexuality". 8 April in Amsterdam, President Vladimir Putin [...]

Apr 022013
Malta - Government "hours away" from agreement on transsexual marriage rights

An agreement between government and Joanne Cassar – the aggrieved party in a European court case against Malta over the rights of transsexual persons to marry according to their reassigned gender – is understood to be “imminent” following several meetings between the two sides. Cassar filed a case against Malta in the European Court of [...]