May 072012
Nepal - Roshan Mahato takes the lead for LGBTI students

Standing in the courtyard at RR Campus in Kathmandu, Roshan Mahato looks relaxed and proud. This, just 7 years ago was the spot where he was teased and harassed so badly by his peers that he transferred to another college. Today, the president of Nepal’s LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) Student Forum, Mahato [...]

May 052012
(Video) USA - NAACP's opposition to North Carolina's Amendment 1 explained by Rev. William Barber

At a stop at a homeless shelter in Hickory on the NAACP’s Truth & Hope tour of Poverty in NC, furniture maker Mitchell Gold, whose company is one of the largest employers in an area hard hit by the recession and the decline of industry, talked about his concern for homeless teens. Too many are [...]

May 042012
Russia - Gay activist, Nikolai Alexeyev, convicted of spreading “homosexual propaganda” in St. Petersburg

A prominent Russian gay rights activist was convicted on Friday of spreading “gay propaganda” among minors in the first such ruling in Russia’s modern history. Nikolai Alexeyev told the Associated Press that a city court in St. Petersburg fined him 5,000 rubles ($170) for breaching the law, which was controversially introduced by lawmakers in Russia’s [...]

May 032012
USA - Romney team stirred storm over gay foreign policy spokesperson, Richard Grenell

It was the biggest moment yet for Mitt Romney’s foreign policy team: a conference call last Thursday, dialed into by dozens of news outlets from around the globe, to dissect and denounce President Obama’s record on national security. But Richard Grenell, the political strategist who helped organize the call and was specifically hired to oversee [...]

May 032012
USA - Demandan a Burger King por despedir a latino contagiado con VIH

UNA Organización hispana demando hoy a la empresa Burger King por presunta discriminación, ya despidio has a latino en septiembre pasado, tras enterarse trabajador de than estaba contagiado con el inmunodeficiencia humana (HIV) virus. El Fondo Mexicano-Estadunidense para Defensa Legal y la Educación (MALDEF) as presento demanda la in Virginia, senalo en [...]

May 032012
Ireland - Government blocks Seanad move to protect gay doctors and teachers from being fired

A move to protect gay doctors and teachers from being fired due to their sexual orientation has been blocked by the Government. Justice Minister Alan Shatter claimed Fianna Fáil senator Averil Power’s Employment Equality Bill may not have been able to pass “constitutional muster”. Ms Power said appropriate wording could have been worked out at [...]

May 022012
Honduras - Defensores de DDHH no dan abasto a tanta demanda

Miembros de la Plataforma de Derechos Humanos que ya no se aseguraron este martes and Honduras than abasto para atender tanta demanda de violaciones de prerrogativas humanitarias and el país, ya que están siendo hasta los mismos atacados defensores. El coordinador del Centro de Investigación y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos (Ciprodeh), Wilfredo Méndez, manifestó [...]