May 162012
Russia - Gay fined for homosexuality propaganda appeals court ruling

The founder of the Moscow gay pride parade, Nikolay Alexeyev, has filed an appeal with the Smolninsky district court in St. Petersburg, against a ruling imposing a fine for homosexuality propaganda, according to the GayRussia movement. The complaint was filed against the ruling by court judge Maya Yakovleva who found the activist guilty of homosexuality [...]

May 162012
Philippines - 'Bigotymology: What it really means to be a bigot (like Sotto, Pacquiao, and the CBCP)'

Whenever I listen to Senator Sotto on the RH Bill, Manny Pacquiao on homosexuality, and the CBCP on pretty much everything, one word uncontrollably comes to mind: bigot. The impulse is almost as strong as God bless you! follows a sneeze. In Catholic Philippines, it seems that some people can’t help sneezing, the most recent being former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao. [...]

May 162012
Vietnam - 41% of LGBT youngsters ill treated at school, 35% of which consider suicide, report

A majority of homosexual students are suffering from communal discrimination and violence, including from their friends and teachers, according to experts addressing a workshop in the capital this morning. The event took place on the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) on May 17. A recent survey conducted by the Centre for Creative [...]

May 162012
Indonesia - Islamic organizations call off Miss Transgender pageant in E. Kalimantan

A Miss Transvestite pageant in Kutai Timur regency, East Kalimantan was postponed from its original schedule on Monday evening amid protests from several Islamic organizations in the region. The contest, which was planned to feature transgender individuals wearing Javanese kebaya traditional attire, was originally scheduled to take place at the Buana Mekar building in North [...]

May 152012
USA - Lesbian couple barred from prom at Catholic school in Kentucky throw parking lot prom

Two teenage girls have stirred controversy for creating their own parking lot prom after being denied entrance to the school dance as a couple. Lexington Catholic School adjudged that it was inappropriate to allow two young girls entrance into the high school prom as a same-sex couple. The girls, 18-year-old Hope Decker, and 16-year-old Tiffany [...]

May 142012
Zimbabwe - Minister orders traditional leaders to seize land belonging to gays and expel them from their communities

A Zimbabwean minister has ordered traditional leaders to seize land belonging to homosexuals and expel them from their communities. Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo, who belongs to President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party, said homosexuality was a “foreign value.” “The chiefs are there to protect and promote our cultural values and those who support same sex [...]

May 132012
Kenya - 'Rights body has finally stood up for gays and lesbians' (Makau Mutua)

I’ve been pilloried for standing up for gays and lesbians. Tough luck – that won’t stop me. Nor will it drive gay rights activists underground. Those days are over – gone for good. That’s why I was ecstatic when the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, the country’s official human rights watchdog, asked the government [...]

May 102012
Indonesia - Sexuality and freedom of speech

The involuntary dissolution of Irshad Manji’s book launch in Salihara Cultural Center last week is representation of the tyranny of conservative groups that suppresses freedom of speech. Indeed, as Muslim liberal activist Manji who wrote a book titled Allah, Liberty and Love, has been known as pro-contra a thinker as well as a lesbian. It [...]

May 102012
India - Society struggling with gay rights according to activists

Legalizing homosexuality has had little impact on the deeply entrenched homophobia in India, where thousands of gays still face discrimination and a lack of basic rights, the country’s most prominent gay rights activist told Reuters. Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama turned the global spotlight on gay rights by saying that he believes same-sex couples [...]

May 092012
Cuba - Conference against homophobia opens

Cuba opened a Conference Against Homophobia Tuesday, featuring events celebrating sexual diversity, lesbian films and literature, and transvestite fashion shows and dances in the street. It is also honoring Virgilio Pinera, a playwright, poet and essayist who was banned and silenced by the regime in the 1970s because of his homosexuality. President Raul Castro’s daughter [...]