Apr 142013
España - El obispo de Alcalá acusa ahora al marxismo y al liberalismo de “destruir el sentido de la sexualidad humana”

Few days once the Bishop of Alcala de Henares, Juan Antonio Reig Pla, reiterated his homophobic statements from a year ago, issued by the 2 Spanish Television on the occasion of the retransmission of the good Friday mass, the character takes a twist more. Far from clarified his statements homophobic, Reig now accuses the "Marxist ideologies [...]

Apr 112013
Zambia - Gay rights activist Paul Kasonkomona gets bail

A prominent human rights activist has been granted bail in Zambia after he was arrested for appearing on a live television calling for homosexual relationships to be decriminalised. Paul Kasonkomona pleaded not guilty at the magistrate’s court in the capital, Lusaka, to the charges – being idle and disorderly in a public place. Homosexual acts [...]

Apr 102013
USA - Law requiring anti-prostituion policies for HIV/AIDS funds splits NGOs before Supreme Court hearing

A Supreme Court case that challenges a law requiring anti-prostitution policies for HIV/AIDS programs seeking federal money has generated a split among nonprofit groups that counsel sex workers overseas. The case involves a 2003 law that bars funding for groups that work on HIV/AIDS prevention but do not have a policy opposing prostitution and sex trafficking. [...]

Apr 092013
Italia - Arcigay presenta una bozza di legge contro la discriminazione su orientamento sessuale

The Association has signed an act against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and for the contrast to Homo/transphobia. Arcigay Friuli this time ago seriously. After the lawsuit against the region for the case of discrimination against gay couple Pordenone which was denied the first contribution, now Arcigay presents a draft regional law [...]

Apr 082013
USA - Why my immigrant Christian conservative dad supports same-sex marriage (Jeff Yang)

This is not the column I expected to write this week. But a few nights ago, I had an experience that confirmed for me that we’re on the cusp of history — regardless of how the Supreme Court decides, in the landmark marriage equality cases it’s currently deliberating. I was at dinner with my mom [...]

Apr 082013
Zambia - Gay rights activist, Paul Kasonkomona, arrested after appearing on live TV promoting gay marriage

Zambian police have arrested a gay rights activist minutes after he appeared on a live television show to press for same sex marriages, the police said Monday. Paul Kasonkomona was picked up on Sunday night as he stepped out of MUVI TV studios, where he openly advocated for gay rights. He was on Monday charged [...]

Apr 082013
Россия - В Амстердаме Путина встретит парад 4 000 геев

Originally meet Putin in Amsterdam are the oldest European LGBT organization COC Nederland. His protest against the adoption in Russia "antigejskih" laws, they decided to express "hanging rainbow flags. "We are talking primarily about the demonstrations," said MK in the Secretariat, COC Nederland. -We decide to not far from the place where Putin invited to dinner at six o'clock in the evening 8 [...]