Sep 282012
Korea - Liberal education policy, including anti-discrimination against LGBT, in doubt

With Seoul’s top educator Kwak No-hyun being stripped of his post after the Supreme Court upheld his conviction for bribery charges, many of his liberal education policies are likely to come to a standstill. Concerns are growing that his education reforms may be suspended or even scrapped, causing confusion for students, parents and teachers. One [...]

Sep 282012
Nederland - 'Het wordt tijd transseksuelen te behandelen als gewone patiënten'

‘Hoera, het is een meisje!” schreef Cisca (58) half augustus op haar Facebookpagina, een paar uur na haar geslachtsaanpassende operatie in het Amsterdamse VUmc. Met een foto van zichzelf in het ziekenhuisbed, zichtbaar aangedaan na de zware fysieke ingreep, maar met een brede lach. Cisca’s overgangstraject van man naar vrouw was langdurig en ingrijpend. In december 2008 klopte zij aan bij het genderteam van het VUmc, na decennialang worstelen met haar identiteit.

Sep 282012
Afghanistan - Homoseksuelle afghanere kan vælge mellem ægteskab eller eksil

Første gang Hamid Zaher var i seng med en mand, var han en ung afghaner med ringe erfaring på livet uden for Kabul. Hans elsker, en ældre mand fra Pakistan, var den helt rigtige type – dannet, moden og velopdragen. Den unge, homoseksuelle afghaner mødte den ældre mand ved et tilfælde. Hamid havde ligesom de fleste afghanere familie i Pakistan, og da han besøgte sin søster, gik han en dag tur i en offentlig park nær hendes hjem. Den anden mand var der tilfældigvis og kom gående imod Hamid.

Sep 272012
Philippines - Internet activists, LGBTs join clamor for nullification of cybercrime law

There is a growing clamor against President Benigno Aquino’s newly-approved Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Various civil rights advocacy groups and political organizations are already demanding that the Supreme Court issues a temporary restraining order against the law’s implementation, which is slated to begin October 1, 2012. In a [...]

Sep 272012
Cuba - LGBT Rainbow Project (Provecto Arcoiris) launches newsletter

The Proyecto Arcoiris (Rainbow Project) has begun circulating by email its first digital newsletter. Called Ahi te va (There you go), it is dedicated to providing information on sexual orientation and gender identity in Cuba and the world, as well as news about the struggle against gender discrimination. In its presentation, the magazine points out two articles in the [...]

Sep 252012
Iran - Ahmadinejad "should ask LGBT Iranians themselves whether they were born that way" says IGLHRC

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in an interview with Piers Morgan that aired Monday night, said, “Homosexuality ceases procreation.” Ahmadinejad, who previously claimed that homosexuality does not exist in Iran and whose government punishes homosexuality with death, asked, “Do you think faggots can have children?” and suggested corrective action for anyone who believes they are gay [...]

Sep 252012
Germany - Discrimination in youth culture

Hip-Hop, Skateboarding, Techno oder Punk: Jugendliche haben viele Möglichkeiten, um ihre Persönlichkeit auszudrücken.Doch das Lebensgefühl ist nicht immer befreiend. In vermeintlich coolen und alternativen Szenen zeigen sich bei genauerem Hinsehen oft Diskriminierungen.Ein Beispiel ist Frauenfeindlichkeit im männerdominierten Hip-Hop oder in der Skater-Szene.Jungs aus der eher sanfteren Emo-Szene wiederum werden häufig abwertend als „schwul“ oder als „Mädchen“ bezeichnet.

Sep 212012
USA - 'Beats with new life' (San Francisco Chronicle's review of "The Normal Heart")

The terrifying uncertainty early in the AIDS pandemic hits the audience with ferocious energy in the revival of Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart” that opened American Conservatory Theater’s season Wednesday. Then the desperate love and humanity of the gay activists suffuse and elevate the action in director George C. Wolfe’s remounting of his 2011 Tony-winning [...]

Sep 212012
Australia - 'No' vote fires the opening salvo in the long cultural conflict over same-sex marriage

After two years of intense campaigning by the Greens, half the Labor Party, the gay lobby and progressive media, same-sex marriage was voted down this week in both houses of the national parliament with the virtual certainty of its defeat in the next parliament as well. Australia is now consigned to a lengthy culture war [...]

Sep 212012
Guatemala - Transgender woman lives in two worlds

Dressed as a man, the sixth-grade teacher leaves school and walks several blocks through a dangerous red-light district overrun with gangs and crack dealers. Arriving at a friend’s home, a transformation begins. Off come wide-leg jeans, T-shirt and a baseball cap that hides long hair. After an extensive, two-hour makeup session, Linda Elizabeth Tylor Martinez emerges wearing a [...]

Sep 202012
Malaysia - Education ministry committed to preventing LGBT 'phenomenon' in schools

The Education Ministry views seriously the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) phenomenon and is committed to ensuring that it does not spread to schools and harm the morals of students. Its deputy minister, Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi said various measures had and would be taken, including appointing counsellors in schools to help parents understand [...]

Sep 192012
Colombia - Locuter de la emisora Los 40 Principales, es investigado por supuestos comentarios discriminatorios hacia la comunidad homosexual

El locutor de la emisora Los 40 principales Héctor Contreras está siendo investigado por la Fiscalía General de la Nación tras usar el hashtag #AyMarikita que invitaba a los oyentes a reportar a conocidos con conductas homosexuales. Este se difundió a través de la página de Twitter de la emisora el pasado 3 de septiembre durante la transmisión del programa ‘La Cama’.