Apr 222013
Argentina - Nuevas leyes y conductas para abordar la discriminación desde una perspectiva cultural (Pedro Robledo)

In recent times, we have witnessed in Argentina valuable and necessary debates and transformations, both legal and social, in the field of discrimination by sexual condition. We know that laws and policies are not isolated from society, they are the result of the latter, and at the same time they can modify it. In this [...]

Apr 222013
Россия - Власти Москвы запретили проведение митинга в поддержку гей-браков в гайд-парке

In Moscow last week came into force the law on so-called "Hyde Park", where citizens can gather and hold rallies without notifying City Hall, but only for three days by notifying the Park Administration. The site is scheduled to open on May 1 and in Gorky Park in Sokolniki. Began accepting applications on April 15. However, according to the newspaper "Izvestia", [...]

Apr 222013
Bali - Grand Council of Customary Villages to launch campaign against HIV/AIDS discrimination

The highly influential and respected Grand Council of Customary Villages (MUDP) plans to launch continuous campaigns to eliminate discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS across Bali. The campaigns, slated to start in July, will first target 450 out of the total 1,500 customary villages on the island. MUDP is an umbrella organization for nearly 1,500 customary [...]

Apr 192013
USA - Pocatello, Idaho rejects gay rights ordinance with mayor casting deciding vote

An ordinance to ban discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people failed in the city council of Pocatello Thursday night. The close vote was a setback for gay rights advocates. Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad cast the deciding no vote, making it four against, three in favor. The ordinance would have made it a misdemeanor [...]

Apr 192013
Ghana - 19 'homosexual' students of Opoku Ware Secondary High School sacked

19 students of Opoku Ware Secondary High School in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi have been dismissed for practicing homosexuality in the school. According to XYZ News’ Ashanti regional correspondent, Isaac Bediako Justice, four out of the 19 students are in their first year while 15 are second and final year students. According to [...]

Apr 182013
United Nations - Religion and culture cannot justify discrimination against gays and lesbians, Secretary-General warns

Pledging that “we must right these wrongs,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon earlier this week denounced discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, and declared that religion, culture and tradition can never be a justification for denying them their basic rights. “Governments have a legal duty to protect everyone,” he said in a video message [...]

Apr 172013
USA - Lambda Legal urges Senate to include all LGBT families in Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Today, the Senate introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill that included many important provisions but did not include critically important protections for same-sex binational couples and their families. Lambda Legal issued the following statement from Kevin Cathcart, Executive Director of Lambda Legal: “We are pleased that Congress is moving forward on this vital issue. Reforming [...]

Apr 172013
Россия - Казачий атаман Санкт-Петербурга против запрета гей-пропаганды

Ataman "Orthodox Union of Cossacks Irbis» Andrey Polyakov from St. Petersburg had criticised the law banning promotion of homosexuality, which operates in the city. In his view, homosexuals, you need to fight through the promotion of "Orthodox values" rather than bans. He said this in an interview to the newspaper "arguments and facts" in St. Petersburg on 15 April. He said he does not support the [...]

Apr 172013
New Zealand - Queer Avengers: Well done to everyone involved in Marriage Bill. Now let's address bigger issues.

Queer Avenger’s are pleased the Marriage Equality (Marriage Amendment) Bill has passed, and say “well done to everyone involved”. “Now it is time to focus on the bigger issues” says Kassie Hartendorp (pictured), member of QA. “Marriage Equality is all well and good, but it is not going to end the violence and hatred that [...]

Apr 152013
Act Up-Paris répondre - « Abolition 2012 »: Des préservatifs estampillés 'je ne suis pas client de la prostitution'

This Saturday, April 13, 20 activists of Act Up-Paris, of the collective March 8 for all, and the rhinestones are chained to the Machine from the Moulin Rouge. The Concert Hall hosted an event of an abolitionist group, 'Abolition 2012', which calls in particular for the criminalisation of clients of sex workers. To symbolize the criminal character [...]

Apr 152013
South Africa - Feminist organisation One in Nine Campaign accused of excluding trans women

The One in Nine Campaign, the feminist organisation behind last year’s controversial disruption of Joburg Pride, has been slammed for excluding transgender and intersex women from one of its training programmes and implying that they are not ‘real women’. According to four trans and intersex groups – Gender DynamiX, S.H.E, Transgender and Intersex Africa and [...]