Dec 102012
Malawi - "No regrets" for transgender prisoner jailed for gay wedding

Thrown into jail for 14 years under Malawi’s anti-gay laws, Tiwonge Chimbalanga has no regrets about the marriage ceremony that became a symbol of Africa’s intolerance toward homosexuality. In the first press interview since being granted asylum in South Africa, the 24-year-old, who was freed amid global pressure, urged more Malawians to come out from [...]

Dec 102012
Indonesia - Protests over violations mark International Human Rights Day

International Human Rights Day, which falls on Monday, is being marked with rallies staged by the marginalized throughout the archipelago, protesting against human rights violations that still mar the country’s development. Dozens of farmers, for example, staged a rally on Jl. Pahlawan in Semarang, Central Java, protesting against their forced eviction by the government [...]

Dec 082012
USA - New York Times editorial: "inherent wrong in a last bastion of official discrimination"

Fifty-eight years after it banned discrimination in public education, the Supreme Court has set the stage for the defining civil rights decision of this era — agreeing to hear two cases challenging laws that define marriage to exclude couples of the same sex. To us, and a growing number of Americans, the right course seems clear: [...]

Dec 072012
Ελλάδα - Με ιατρική επέμβαση η αλλαγή του ονόματος στο ληξιαρχείο για τους τρανσέξουαλ

Επιτρέπεται η διόρθωση της ληξιαρχικής πράξης γέννησης σε περιπτώσεις αλλαγής του φύλου με χειρουργική επέμβαση, ενώ και η μεταβολή του κυρίου ονόματος θεωρείται επιτρεπτή όταν γίνεται αλλαγή φύλου, με βάση τη νομολογία.

Dec 072012
Uganda - "Anti-gay campaign fuelling HIV/AIDS" (Jacqueline Kasha)

As the world marked World Aids Day last week, activists seized the opportunity to take a swipe at Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, saying it would worsen the HIV/AIDS scourge. During a telephone conference with Ugandan gay rights activists organised by the NGO All Out, they expressed concern that the bill has attracted the unequivocal support of [...]

Dec 072012
India - The ‘Kill the gays’ bill: Why it matters outside Uganda

The Speaker in Uganda’s parliament is promising a gift like no other for Christmas to her countrymen. Rebecca Kadaga has vowed to resuscitate the “kill the gays” bill, that was put into cold storage in 2009 after it spurred international outrage. At a time when the US Supreme Court is mulling same-sex marriage and the [...]

Dec 052012
Mexico - Oaxaca abriría la puerta para matrimonios gays en Puebla

Si el miércoles de esta semana la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación (SCJN) resuelve un amparo a favor de dos personas del mismo sexo a quienes se les negó el derecho al matrimonio en Oaxaca, se abriría una oportunidad para que también en Puebla las parejas no heterosexuales pudieran casarse, ya que la definición de matrimonio de ambos estados viola el derecho a la no discriminación y el principio de igualdad consagrados en la Constitución.