Dec 172012
Russia - Zenit St. Petersburg, country's largest soccer fan club, opposed to black and gay players

The largest fan group of Russian champions Zenit St Petersburg have demanded the club refrain from buying black and gay players following turmoil surrounding the acquisition of Brazil striker Hulk. “We’re not racists but we see the absence of black players at Zenit as an important tradition,” Zenit fan club Landscrona said in a letter, [...]

Dec 142012
Uganda - Anti-homosexuality bill: "Where is our honesty?" (Andrew Mwenda)

When Hon David Bahati introduced the anti-homosexuality bill in Parliament in 2009, the country was abuzz with excitement and loud support for the bill. Then, I, Andrew Mwenda and few other Ugandans, urged understanding and caution, and counselled against legislating with emotion, prejudice and blunt insensitivity. Given the violent hostility shown towards homosexuals as a [...]

Dec 132012
Philippines - Anti-discrimination ordinance approved in Davao City session

Multi sectoral groups gathered inside the Davao City session hall Wednesday gave a thunderous applause when members of the City Council passed on third and final reading the anti-discrimination ordinance. Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte presided the session for the approval of the ordinance, his brainchild. Duterte had tasked City Councilor Melchor Quitain to craft [...]

Dec 132012
Sweden - Second International Intersex Forum affirms principles, call to action

Between 9-11 December 2012, the second International Intersex Forum took place in Stockholm. This event brought together 37 activists representing 33 intersex organisations and supportive institutions from all continents. The Forum agreed to affirm the principles of the first International Intersex Forum and extended the demands aiming to end discrimination against intersex people and to [...]

Dec 132012
Россия - Калининградские депутаты одобрили запрет гей-пропаганды

Калининградская областная дума приняла в первом чтении законопроект, запрещающий пропаганду гомосексуализма и педофилии среди несовершеннолетних. Об этом сообщает “Интерфакс” со ссылкой на региональный парламент.

Dec 112012
Philippines - Davao council passes anti-discrimination ordinance on 2nd reading, 3rd reading "formality"

The City Council of Davao passed on second reading Monday the proposed anti-discrimination ordinance of the city. This virtually means that the ordinance will soon become a law as the third and final readings are but a formality for the measure to be filed as such. Councilor Melchor Quitain, who was tasked by Vice Mayor Rodrigo [...]

Dec 102012
USA - Merck Foundation Suspends Support For Boy Scouts Over Anti-Gay Discrimination

The charitable foundation for pharmaceutical company Merck is the latest corporate leader to suspend financial support for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) over the organization’s anti-gay policies. The Merck Foundation’s Brian Gill explains that BSA’s refusal to allow gay scouts does not align with the company’s nondiscrimination guidelines: The Merck Foundation believes that it is critical to honor [...]

Dec 102012
Nederland - 'Amsterdamse Marokkaanse homo in onmogelijke en onveilige positie'

COC Amsterdam komt met een actieplan zodat homoseksuele jongeren meer zichzelf kunnen zijn in de hoofdstad. Het plan is een antwoord op het eerder verschenen GGD-rapport ‘Zo gezond zijn Amsterdamse jongeren’. Volgens COC-voorzitter Jan van Asch toont het rapport aan dat er dringend actie is gewenst voor ‘roze’ Amsterdamse leerlingen van diverse etnische komaf.