May 082013
Polska - "Gej" i "lesbijka" wejdą do szkół? Posłowie chcą zmiany podręczników

Anna Grodzka and Robert Biedroń sounding the alarm. They checked that in over 350-page basis of programmatic or not fall the words "gay" or. "lesbian". This, however, only the beginning. The members follow the blow and to the minister of national education of Krystyna Szumilas flexicurity in the petition. Convince her that it is not known what about homo-and transseksualizmie have to know [...]

May 082013
Deutschland - Steuerliche Gleichbehandlung und Homo-Ehe: Richter stellen Ultimatum

Actually, the Government wanted to regulate already 2012 legally equal tax treatment of gay marriage. But it was nothing. Now, the Constitutional Court has set an ultimatum. The Federal Constitutional Court has made the Bundestag the equal tax treatment of gay marriage an ultimatum. Until 18 June a law must exist, by the same-sex life partnerships in the land transfer tax would be treated [...]

May 082013
Belgie - De Gucht wil onderzoeken of homo's stamcellen kunnen doneren

Community senator Jean-Jacques De Gucht (Open Vld) wants also male homosexuals may be eligible for stem cell donation. Through a proposal of resolution he wants the opinion of the Advisory Committee on bioethics on the scientific ability to also male homosexuals as stem cell donor. Today are the criteria that must be met for stem cell donors in parallel with [...]

May 082013
Nigeria - LGBT group "The Right Defense" release statement against government anti-gay policies

Homosexuals in Nigeria are not happy with the government, they said in a statement on Tuesday, following a meeting they held in Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital, southwest Nigeria. In a statement titled: “Same sex prohibition: Group flays government on anti-citizen laws and abuse of human rights”, the group known as “The Right Defense”, said [...]

May 062013
New Zealand - Openly gay Eugene Sisneros rejected for priesthood speaks of humiliation

Eugene Sisneros has described his hurt and humiliation after allegedly being rejected for a priest training programme because he was in a same-sex relationship. A Human Rights Tribunal hearing into the alleged discrimination opened at Auckland District court today. Mr Sisneros is taking the Anglican Bishop of Auckland to the tribunal, claiming he was barred [...]

May 062013
Deutschland - Biphobie: Unsichtbarkeit von Bisexualität und Stereotype gegenüber Bisexuellen

People who define themselves as bisexual or be so read, are subject to specific discrimination. It manifests itself on the one in the invisibility of bisexuality and the other stereotypes against bisexual. The concept of 'Homophobia' is here insufficient and can not explain various forms of discrimination against bisexuals, but also a specific discrimination against lesbian and TRANS * gendern. [...]

Apr 292013
Россия - Комитет Госдумы предложил штрафовать за "оправдание гомосексуализма" и проведение публичных акций в его поддержку

According to "Kommersant" newspaper Saturday, the deputies of the State Duma can tighten them the Bill banning so-called homosexual propaganda among minors. Ppubličnoe "excuse of homosexuality" and "development of juvenile social distorted picture of equivalence between traditional and non-traditional" relationship could be in Russia for which offences would face fines from the 4th. up to 500 thousand. rub. [...]