Jan 082013
日本 - 性的マイノリティへのいじめをなくすために ―― 同性愛者の目線から見える日本社会の課題 明智カイト



Jan 082013
USA - Why is the Pentagon blocking LGBT and progressive websites?

Gay and lesbian Americans have been able to serve openly in the military ever since President Obama repealed “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in September 2011. But online, some Pentagon computers appear to force the LGBT military community behind closed doors, blocking military users’ access to LGBT advocates’ and other progressives’ websites, while conservative sites remain [...]

Jan 072013
Jamaica - Minister of Justice Golding: Specific laws needed to target discrimination

Mark Golding, Jamaica’s Minister of Justice, has acknowledged that more specific legislation is needed to adequately deal with certain types of discrimination in the country. Mr. Golding, speaking on RJR’s “Beyond the Headlines” on Thursday, accepted that although the Charter of Rights gives Constitutional protection to individuals, the laws need to be more targeted. He [...]

Jan 032013
RU - El arzobispo de Westminster ordena poner fin a las misas para fieles LGTB del Soho

Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and Primate of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, has ordered to put an end to religious services for gays that offered a parish located in the Soho London. A decision that seems more a revenge of the hierarchy Catholic, outraged with the approval process of equal marriage initiated by the Government [...]

Jan 022013
UK - After six years, gay mass services in Soho abolished by archbishop of Westminster

Special fortnightly “Soho masses” held for gay and lesbian Catholics at a central London church for the past six years are to end, the archbishop of Westminster has announced. The services, intended to be particularly welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Catholics, had been held with the blessing of senior clergy at the Our [...]

Jan 012013
Dänemark - Polizei zu die Juden zum Thema Hassverbrechen: Tu was Homosexuelle tun. Vermeidung gefährlicher Bereiche.

Kopenhagens jüdische Caroline-Schule rät ihren Schülern, den Davidstern zu verbergen, ehe sie durch gewisse Stadtviertel gehen. Die meisten Besucher der Synagoge nehmen die Kippa ab, wenn sie das Gotteshaus verlassen. Israels Botschaft warnt Reisende davor, auf offener Straße laut Hebräisch zu sprechen. Aus Furcht vor Schikanen und Überfällen wagen Juden in Dänemark nicht mehr, sich in der Öffentlichkeit zu erkennen zu geben. „Unsere Mitglieder sollten das nicht akzeptieren, aber so ist die Wirklichkeit“, sagt Michael Gelvan, der Sicherheitsverantwortliche der mosaischen Glaubensgemeinde.