May 142013
New Zealand - Lesbian pair file bias complaint after lodge insisted they had separate beds

The Human Rights Commission is looking into a complaint that a Whangarei lodge discriminated against a lesbian couple by insisting they could not share a bed because the owners did not want “unnatural” sexual acts going on in their premises. The commission confirmed yesterday it had received a complaint from Far North couple Jane Collison [...]

May 142013
Ukraine - Parliament drops gay anti-discrimination bill as hundreds protest against it

A bill to protect gay Ukrainian workers from discrimination based on their sexual orientation has been dropped by the country’s parliament, as hundreds of anti-gay protesters gathered to demonstrate against it. Ukraine’s Parliament postponed the measure indefinitely. It had been backed by the European Union, and was up for a vote on Tuesday. The law [...]

May 132013
Bolivia - Colectivo LGBT: "Denuncian impunidad en casos contra miembros de grupo TLGB"

The collective Trans, lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (TLGB) of Bolivia reported that no cases of abuse or discrimination against people with a different sexual orientation not clarified in the country. The Office of the Ombudsman confirmed that charges these defendants did not receive any punishment. The problem of discrimination against the members of the [...]

May 132013
Türkiye - 24 kişi gözaltına alındı cinsel içerikli film izleyerek eşcinsel

KEENAN, a cinema, a movie determined that gay sexual intercourse 24 people were arrested. Last week, on the sidelines of the cinema in Sisli, Beyoglu and 2 printed, cinema operator in which 72 people were detained. One of the people with the HIV virus had been found in detention. Directorate of public security branch Bureau of morality, sexual in a cinema film teams, shows and movies [...]

May 092013
Kenya - Transgender woman sues over inability to obtain job when ID shows her as male

A woman who changed her gender has sued the Kenya National Examination Council for a new examination certificates reflecting her new gender. In a landmark case filed at the Milimani court, Audrey Mbugua Ithibu who was born [redacted] says the fact that her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education bears a different gender and name, she [...]

May 082013
New Zealand - “Shocked” university students stand by workers at McDonald’s in Queen Street

Auckland University Students’ Association stands in solidarity with workers at McDonalds in their fight against low-pay, casualisation, poor working conditions and discrimination such as homophobia and sexual harassment. On May 1st McDonald’s workers held a demonstration outside the company’s Queen St site. Our members who were at the demonstration were shocked by the accounts given [...]

May 082013
Indonesia - Alcaldesa: pide que los homosexuales sean azotados en público, para "erradicar esa enfermedad social".

The Mayor of a province in Indonesia requests that homosexuals are flogged in public, to "eradicate this social disease". Indonesia-the authorities of Aceh province want to integrate more violent repression measures against the LGBT community, seek to regulate spanking gays and lesbians. Adopted such control, men [...]

May 082013
Zambia - Two men charged over gay sex

Two Zambian men have pleaded not guilty during a court appearance in the small central town of Kapiri Mposhi to a charge of engaging in homosexual acts. James Mwape and Philip Mubiana, both 22, have been charged with four counts of committing “unnatural” sexual acts. Zambia is a socially conservative country and homosexual acts carry [...]

May 082013
Sverige - Socialutskottet nobbade transsexuellas patientförening att även i framtiden kunna föda barn.

If two weeks debating a bill that, among other things, makes it possible for a woman who changes legal gender to be able to bear children. The transsexual patient Association Benjamin is against the proposal, but have not had their say directly to the Committee. In the spring, the Committee prepared the Government Bill, the Repeal of the requirement for sterilization [...]

May 082013
Россия - Филиппу Киркорову грозит штраф за пропаганду гомосексуализма

Singer defends gays during a concert in St. Petersburg is the King of Russian pop Singer Filipp Kirkorov at her recent concert in St.Petersburg «October» decided to once again «sèpatažničat′»: following the example of MADONNA he defended gay. The artist expressed his opinion about prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality. His forthright speeches Kirkorov just blew up the Hall. But that was only the start [...]