Apr 262013
Argentina - Pedro Robledo y la presidenta Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: “Discutimos políticas de diversidad”

"I discussed with the President of the national policy of diversity: does not reach the laws, that they must be accompanied by a change in the society", said Pedro Robledo, the young gay man and militant of the PRO who had been assaulted by living with her partner at a meeting and on Wednesday was received [...]

Apr 092013
Россия - Двухдневный визит Владимира Путина в Европу прошел на фоне акций протеста

In Germany, the Russian leader's test for not-for-profit organizations, and in the Netherlands, protested the order, as in Russia, observance of the rights of the minority sex. That Putin will receive a warm welcome in Europe, it was known in advance, but the scale of the protests, perhaps, surprised many. At no time prior to that, the Russian leader has not had to deal with so many demonstrations during their overseas [...]

Apr 092013
Germany, Netherlands struggle with Russian relationship (Nick Ottens)

President Vladimir Putin reminded Russia’s biggest trade partners in Europe on Sunday and Monday how ambivalent they are about their economic relations with his country. Putin’s visit to Germany and the Netherlands was overshadowed by concerns in both nations about the deterioration of human rights in Russia. The Dutch and Germans are major importers of [...]

Apr 082013
Netherlands - Putin says all Russians are equal

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday denied that human rights are under pressure and that homosexuals are discriminated against during a whirlwind visit to Amsterdam. Speaking to journalists after a working dinner with Russian and Dutch business leaders, Putin said all people in Russia have the same rights. ‘There are no limits to the rights [...]

Apr 082013
Netherlands - Gay rights groups to protest Russia's Putin in Amsterdam

After getting an earful from Chancellor Angela Merkel on the importance of democratic issues, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Amsterdam on Monday to face an eyeful of protests from gay rights activists. Rainbow flags were flying at half-staff around the Dutch city and rights groups planned a major protest against Russian gay rights policies. [...]

Apr 052013
Nederland - Groningse homobeweging protesteert mee tegen Poetin

The Groningen ' LGBT ' Foundation for homosexuals, bisexuelen and transgender, does Monday along with a large demonstration in Amsterdam at the Russian president Putin. The protest is directed against the anti-gay policies of Putin that in our country is because of the Netherlands-Russia year. The Groningen gays wear Monday clothing in the colors of the Rainbow flag, a symbol of [...]

Apr 042013
Nederland - Regenboogspeld voor koningin: tijdens het bezoek van de Russische president Poetin?

Queen Beatrix and Prime Minister Rutte getting COC Netherlands pin a ' Rainbow '. It is intended that they wear Monday during the visit of the Russian president Putin. The organization hopes that they want to show solidarity with that way discriminates against lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people in Russia. The visit by Putin Monday does not fall in [...]

Mar 252013
Nederland - 'A'dam moet homovlag halfstok hangen'

The Action Committee Gay Message 4 Russia had a beautiful message for gay hater Putin as the Russian president in mind: 8 april a visit to Amsterdam, gay flags at half mast throughout the city would have to hang. Amsterdam said okay against the flags, but not against the hoisting at half mast. So is the Action Committee not pleased: "Is that [...]

Mar 222013
Uganda - President Museveni warns against "cultures which violate African traditions"

President Yoweri Museveni has said the issue of homosexuality and lesbianism has been totally distorted leading to wrong public debate. “In our society, there were a few homosexuals. There was no persecution, no killings and no marginalization of these people but they were regarded as deviants. Sex among Africans including heterosexuals is confidential,” Museveni said. [...]

Mar 212013
Молдовы - Евросоюз требует защиты прав сексуальных меньшинств

The EU requires the protection of the rights of sexual minorities and to reduce the number of municipalities and regions in Moldova. With such demands were made by the representatives of Brussels in the framework of the neighbourhood policy (ENP) in totals 2012 year, reports Moldnews. "The rights of gay persons to freedom of Assembly and other fundamental rights remained a problem. While the Moldovan Government has shown increased commitment to the protection of the rights of such [...]

Mar 212013
Netherlands - There will be no ministerial level talks on Turkish fostering, says Rutte

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and Turkey’s premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan disagree about what to do about the case of Turkish foster child Yunus, news agency ANP said on Thursday. The two prime ministers held talks on Thursday afternoon and met the press for a joint news conference afterwards. ANP said Turkey asked for the [...]