May 142013
China - Sexual revolution "ongoing"

Although attitudes toward sex are slowly changing in China, they still remain ambiguous and the ongoing sexual revolution differs from that of the West in the 1960s, according to Richard Burger, author of “Behind the Red Door: Sex in China”. “The sexual revolution in the West was about self-expression and personal freedom. But in China, it’s [...]

May 062013
Deutschland - Biphobie: Unsichtbarkeit von Bisexualität und Stereotype gegenüber Bisexuellen

People who define themselves as bisexual or be so read, are subject to specific discrimination. It manifests itself on the one in the invisibility of bisexuality and the other stereotypes against bisexual. The concept of 'Homophobia' is here insufficient and can not explain various forms of discrimination against bisexuals, but also a specific discrimination against lesbian and TRANS * gendern. [...]

Apr 182013
Россия - Что такое быть геем в России? (Алексей)

I am 30 years old, was born and lived in an ordinary Soviet family in a major city and up to 11-12 years was utterly ordinary child, well studied, was walking in the yard, used to climb on roofs, basements and rolled around on a bicycle, was experiencing a widespread curiosity to what girls in panties. No to violence and sexual abuse had not been. In the 11-12 years I [...]