May 132013
France - Agression homophobe dans un bar gay de Lille: le procès renvoyé

The trial of three men prosecuted for assaulting April 17 two managers and the Lille gay bar server, scheduled Monday afternoon before the correctional tribunal of Lille, will be returned at the request of the Prosecutor's Office. The defendants will be tried in direct quote and immediate appearance as it had decided [...]

May 132013
Republic of Georgia - Interior minister arrested for allegedly leaking gay sex tape involving a critical journalist

Georgia’s deputy interior minister has been arrested for allegedly leaking a gay sex tape involving a critical journalist, officials said today. The interior ministry said deputy minister Gela Khvedelidze admitted breach of privacy charges over the Internet posting of a secretly-filmed video depicting a threesome purportedly involving journalist Giorgi Paresashvili, who had been running reports [...]

Apr 292013
Magyarország - Megkezdődött a homofób debreceni gyilkos tárgyalása

Debrecen – the first instance of trial, in the Court of Debrecen, acting as a 25 year old young man, who, according to the prosecution last August in advance kitervelten, brutal cruelty for a murdered-unknown-until the day gay man, because he hates the nemükhöz heritage in their own people. The accused on Monday not to testify before the Court; previously, the [...]

Apr 122013
Indonesia - Criminal Code revision "confuses morality with legal norms", reform group says

A coalition of religious freedom activists, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights activists, and human rights and judiciary watchdogs has rejected the current draft of the Criminal Code bill as it could further restrict personal liberties. The coalition, the National Alliance for Criminal Code Reform, said that the Criminal Code bill had confused morality [...]