civil unions

May 152012
Japan - Mickey Mouse hosts gay weddings

Just days after US President Barack Obama came out in favour of gay marriage, another supporter of homosexual unions emerged in Japan: Mickey Mouse. Despite their having no legal status, same sex couples are able to hold fairytale wedding ceremonies at hotels inside the popular Tokyo Disney Resort, including at the Cinderella Castle, a company [...]

May 092012
USA - Colorado civil unions bill to get special session, announces Governor Hickenlooper

Gov. John Hickenlooper said today he will call a special session to deal with civil-unions and other bills killed in the aftermath of a night-long power struggle between Republicans and Democrats on the House floor late Tuesday. “I spent a long time in restaurant business,” an emotional Hickenlooper said in a Capitol corridor filled with [...]

May 092012
USA - Civil unions bill killed in Colorado along with 30 other bills in late-night game of political chicken

A bill to allow same-sex couples to form civil unions died on the calendar late Tuesday, taking down with it more than 30 other measures in a dramatic game of political chicken in which no one would blink. When Republican Speaker Frank McNulty acknowledged there was an impasse and abruptly ended his news conference on [...]

Mar 312012
Ireland - Transgender woman becomes first to enter Irish same-sex partnership

Social Protection minister Joan Burton is drafting legislation to address a legal problem where transgender people can only enter a civil partnership if their new gender was recognised abroad. The loophole arose after it emerged that a transgender woman was able to enter into a civil partnership with her partner under the Civil Partnership Act [...]

Mar 302012
UK - Landmark case enshrines civil partnership as 'identical' to marriage

Civil partners have “identical” rights to husbands and wives, three senior judges established yesterday as they settled the first multi-million pound homosexual split to come before the courts. Don Gallagher, a West End actor, saw his £1.7 million “divorce” settlement from Peter Lawrence, a wealthy City analyst, reduced by amost £300,000 at the Court of [...]

Mar 142012
San Sergio y San Baco: Dos Santos Gays

SAN SERGIO Y SAN BACO Estos dos santos pertenecientes al interminable panteón de santos reconocidos por la Iglesia Católica presentan una peculiaridad pequeñísima: Son dos santos gays, aunque no son los únicos santos homosexuales de la historia de la Humanidad. Recordemos la historia de San Sebastián y de los rumores que circulaban durante los primeros [...]

Mar 122012
USA - For the 1st time ever, a gay immigrant is allowed to stay in Texas based on a same-sex marriage

A Houston immigration judge has allowed a gay Costa Rican immigrant to stay in the U.S. based on his same-sex marriage to an American — which LGBT advocates say is a first in Texas. The Houston Chronicle reports that Judge Richard Walton on Thursday closed a deportation case against David Gonzalez, an accountant who’s been [...]

Mar 082012
Malta - Cohabitation law will cover gay partnerships

Gay couples are set to have their relationship recognised at law with the government saying that its cohabitation Bill, first promised 14 years ago, will also legislate for civil partnerships. “The government’s stand is that the relationship between gay couples should be regulated through the law on co­habitation, including the institute of civil partnership,” a [...]