May 132013
Bollywood - After gay kiss in 'Bombay Talkies', lesbian smooch in 'Go Goa Gone'

Bollywood cinema is truly coming of age. And it seems the Censor Board of Film Certification is determined not to trail behind any longer. After that extremely aesthetic pertinent and stunning gay kiss between Randeep Hooda and Saqib Saleem last week in Bombay Talkies, we have a lesbian kiss coming up in this week in [...]

May 082013
Россия - Филиппу Киркорову грозит штраф за пропаганду гомосексуализма

Singer defends gays during a concert in St. Petersburg is the King of Russian pop Singer Filipp Kirkorov at her recent concert in St.Petersburg «October» decided to once again «sèpatažničat′»: following the example of MADONNA he defended gay. The artist expressed his opinion about prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality. His forthright speeches Kirkorov just blew up the Hall. But that was only the start [...]

May 082013
Polska - "Gej" i "lesbijka" wejdą do szkół? Posłowie chcą zmiany podręczników

Anna Grodzka and Robert Biedroń sounding the alarm. They checked that in over 350-page basis of programmatic or not fall the words "gay" or. "lesbian". This, however, only the beginning. The members follow the blow and to the minister of national education of Krystyna Szumilas flexicurity in the petition. Convince her that it is not known what about homo-and transseksualizmie have to know [...]

Apr 292013
Россия - Комитет Госдумы предложил штрафовать за "оправдание гомосексуализма" и проведение публичных акций в его поддержку

According to "Kommersant" newspaper Saturday, the deputies of the State Duma can tighten them the Bill banning so-called homosexual propaganda among minors. Ppubličnoe "excuse of homosexuality" and "development of juvenile social distorted picture of equivalence between traditional and non-traditional" relationship could be in Russia for which offences would face fines from the 4th. up to 500 thousand. rub. [...]

Apr 222013
Россия - Власти Москвы запретили проведение митинга в поддержку гей-браков в гайд-парке

In Moscow last week came into force the law on so-called "Hyde Park", where citizens can gather and hold rallies without notifying City Hall, but only for three days by notifying the Park Administration. The site is scheduled to open on May 1 and in Gorky Park in Sokolniki. Began accepting applications on April 15. However, according to the newspaper "Izvestia", [...]

Apr 172013
Россия - Казачий атаман Санкт-Петербурга против запрета гей-пропаганды

Ataman "Orthodox Union of Cossacks Irbis» Andrey Polyakov from St. Petersburg had criticised the law banning promotion of homosexuality, which operates in the city. In his view, homosexuals, you need to fight through the promotion of "Orthodox values" rather than bans. He said this in an interview to the newspaper "arguments and facts" in St. Petersburg on 15 April. He said he does not support the [...]

Apr 122013
India - Bengali painter, Eleena Bankik, in hiding after threats from Hindu group for "insults to their religion"

Right-wing Hindu activists are once again targeting artists. Eleena Banik, a Bengali painter, says she fears for her life after members of a Hindu extremist organization threatened her, saying they found two of her paintings offensive. One of the paintings, displayed at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery, depicted Kali, a Hindu goddess, in the nude – [...]

Apr 092013
Россия - Запрет гей-пропаганды позволит блокировать сайты без решения суда

The Bill to ban propaganda of homosexuality among adolescents may amend about blocking Internet access to such content. It is expected that the analogy with child pornography, appeals to suicide and drug propaganda sites about gay will close without a court decision. A bill on prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality among adolescents was approved in first reading at the end of January [...]

Apr 092013
Germany, Netherlands struggle with Russian relationship (Nick Ottens)

President Vladimir Putin reminded Russia’s biggest trade partners in Europe on Sunday and Monday how ambivalent they are about their economic relations with his country. Putin’s visit to Germany and the Netherlands was overshadowed by concerns in both nations about the deterioration of human rights in Russia. The Dutch and Germans are major importers of [...]

Apr 082013
Nederland - Duizenden betogen tegen antihomowet

The visit of Russian president Vladimir Putin to Amsterdam has mobilised thousands of protesters Monday. They got together at the maritime museum, where Putin consultation had with Prime Minister Rutte, and protested against the Russian anti-homosexual. The protesters danced to loud dance music and had rainbow flags. Also they carried signs with slogans like ' Putin text [...]

Apr 082013
Zambia - Gay rights activist, Paul Kasonkomona, arrested after appearing on live TV promoting gay marriage

Zambian police have arrested a gay rights activist minutes after he appeared on a live television show to press for same sex marriages, the police said Monday. Paul Kasonkomona was picked up on Sunday night as he stepped out of MUVI TV studios, where he openly advocated for gay rights. He was on Monday charged [...]