Jan 222013
Ireland - Gay man asked by female bank manager about 'taking it up the back' wins discrimination case

A gay man who was discriminated against and victimised at the credit union where he worked has been awarded €24,000 by the Equality Tribunal. In his judgment published today, equality officer Gary O’Doherty found the complainant had been discriminated against “on the sexual orientation ground”. The man said he had been referred to constantly by [...]

Jan 182013
USA - Boeing, in change of heart, agrees to provide equal pension benefits to married gay couples

The Boeing Company has finally agreed to grant pension survivor benefits to same-sex married couples equal to their straight counterparts, according to the union currently hammering out a contract for thousands of the company’s technical workers. That’s a retreat for the aerospace giant (which is still locked in sour labor negotiations while its flagship 787 Dreamliner has [...]

Jan 172013
Nederland - Stappenplan voor homo-acceptatie werkvloer

Gerrit Zalm, CEO van ABN AMRO, heeft donderdag tijdens de nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst van Workplace Pride Platform de Declaration of Amsterdam namens zijn bedrijf ondertekend.

Deze Declaration is een oproep tot actie en bestaat uit een 10-stappenplan dat helpt de verbeterde werkomstandigheden van LHBT-werknemers op de werkvloer te waarborgen.

Jan 162013
India - Diversity summit seeks to build sensitivity in hiring LGBT employees

IT industry body Nasscom will hold its annual Diversity Summit in Bangalore on January 17. This year it will feature a diversity simulation lab around the theme of blindness. The lab will help a normal employee to understand the challenges of a visually challenged colleague. The objective is to help participants reflect on attitudes and beliefs towards persons with vision impairments. Nasscom plans to [...]

Jan 162013
USA - Gender specific tech events: Are they counter productive?

Women 2.0, Girls In Tech, Rails Girls; there’s a plethora of gender specific tech events, normally leaning towards women, trying to counter the male-dominated field of the technology industry. But when HP recently announced they wanted to hold a women’s only hackathon, their facilitator’s program director, Geeks Without Bounds, Willow Brugh advised them to make it [...]

Jan 142013
UK - The absence of trans people in the media is as important as the absence of women in the media (Louise McCudden)

The recent, controversial comments about transgender people by the usually fabulous Suzanne Moore, are just the tip of this particular iceberg. Given the prominence of feminists like Moore and, then later, Julie Bindel, and finally, Julie Burchill – feminists who, whether intentionally or otherwise, come out with statements about trans people that are deeply discomforting to many of [...]

Jan 082013
Suomi - Onko androgyyni Ville mallimaailman uusi tähti?

Transsukupuolinen serbialais-australialainen malli Andrej Pejic rikkoo rajoja maailmalla. Hän on esiintynyt tärkeimpien muotitalojen näytöksissä ja arvostetuimpien muotilehtien kansikuvissa.

Myös Suomeen on syttymässä uusi mallitähti, androgyyni Ville Ruuska, joka käyttää kutsumanimeä VJ.

Dec 282012
Philippines - Monique Wilson on coming out, One Billion Rising campaign, love of theater

At the recent “Mint Knows Monique” lecture at Meridian International College last week, students and fans got to know Monique Wilson on a deeper level—from her naughty childhood moments and her life in London during “Miss Saigon” to her unwavering passion for theater and her One Billion Rising campaign against violence against women. Here are [...]

Dec 262012
USA - Notable coming out stories 2012 (GLAAD)

Since Ellen DeGeneres came out 15 years ago, out LGBT stars have continued use the stage, screen, and airwaves to shape the representation of LGBT people and communities. This year, notables such as CNN anchorAnderson Cooper, who discussed his sexual orientation via an email to friend Andrew Sullivan in July, and six-time Grammy nominee Frank Ocean, who recounted on Tumblr his tale of unrequited love with [...]

Dec 262012
India - India Inc gets LGBT community friendly at workplace

How many times have you heard homophobic water-cooler jokes at workplace? Jokes that reinforce the cliched assumptions of the homophobes. To reduce workplace bullying and intimidating stare-downs, some companies in India have introduced inclusive HR policies for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) community. LGBT-friendly companies celebrate diversity and inclusion by covering sexual orientation [...]