Feb 202013
Türkiye - İbrahim Dinçdağ, Eşcinsel olduğu için hakemlik yapmasına izin verilmeyen, davasında mahkeme Mayıs’a ertelendi

Eşcinsel olduğu için hakemlik yapmasına izin verilmeyen Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ’ın Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu’na açtığı davanın bugün gerçekleşen 7. celsesinden karar çıkmadı.

Feb 112013
USA - Obama's executive actions may continue with gay rights

According to a new report in the Washington Post, the Obama administration is currently considering a reversal on signing an sign executive order that would protect gay federal contractors from workplace discrimination. The move, if seized on, would add another victory to Obama’s campaign to secure equal rights for gay Americans, and send an undeniable message to [...]

Feb 112013
Россия - Бортпроводник-гей Максим Купреев уволен из второй российской авиакомпании подряд

Как стало известно проекту GayRussia.Ru, уже вторая российская авиакомпания за четыре месяца уволила с работы бортпроводника-гея Максима Купреева. Вслед за “Аэрофлотом” сексуальная ориентация стюарда не устроила авиакомпанию “Nordwind Airlines”.

Feb 092013
USA - GetEQUAL at White House this Sunday: Obama, LGBT workplace protections, remember?

On Sunday, February 10 – just two days before President Obama’s State of the Union Address – members of GetEQUAL DC will gather outside the White House to remind President Barack Obama of a first-term promise not kept. As he was running for president, then-candidate Obama pledged to extend workplace protections to all lesbian, gay, [...]

Feb 072013
Olympics - Sochi will test gay rights

New Zealand speedskater Blake Skjellerup (pictured) is focused on making his second Olympic team. He got a taste of what to expect at the Winter Olympics, which begin one year from today, at a recent race in Sochi, Russia. But he’s also concerned about the anti-gay legislation working its way through the Russian parliament. After [...]

Jan 312013
USA - Boys Scouts of America: Not good enough. Join petition. (HRC)

The Boy Scouts of America is considering ending its nationwide ban on gay Scouts and Scout leaders. But the policy is not good enough – it would simply allow local units to decide on their own whims whether to turn members away just for being gay. That doesn’t sound friendly, courteous or kind. The Boy Scouts of America [...]

Jan 312013
USA - Send a message to the Boy Scouts before it's too late (GLAAD)

It’s been nearly a year since GLAAD first called on the Boy Scouts to end the ban on gay scouts and leaders. After hearing from GLAAD and seeing 1.4 million signatures on in support of equality, they’re considering changing the policy once and for all, but first they want to hear from you.

In just a few days, the Boy Scouts Board of Directors will vote on ending the discriminatory policy, and anti-gay activists are already doing everything they can to make sure that vote comes up short.