Dec 272011
Ireland - Gay Irish teachers lead double lives

Schools in Ireland can be hostile places for gay people, particularly the staff rooms. Gay, lesbian or bisexual teachers in schools, still dominated by the Catholic church, risk discrimination or even the sack if they reveal their sexuality, thanks to a law that lets religious employers penalize employees for actions undermining religious standards. “You are [...]

Dec 262011
USA - Lawsuit has far-reaching implications for transgender employees

Four years on, Vandy Beth Glenn still gets choked up thinking about the day she was fired from her perfect job. The petite brunette recalls exactly what her boss said that October day, how the reasons behind the termination sparked a lawsuit that could have far-reaching implications about how transgender people are treated at work. [...]

Dec 212011
Deutschland - Zwischen anonymitaet und Outing

Interview with Dr. Thilo Weichert's data protection officer respect: Mr Dr. Weichert, very global asked: what role does the feature sex-gender identity in the context of data protection? Dr. Thilo Weichert: In accordance with the Federal data protection law and the European data protection directive "Data about sex lives" belong to one so-called "special category category" of personal data, due to their sensitivity only [...]