May 102013
Deutschland - Transgender-Gemeinschaft fühlt sich von Bionade-Werbung angegriffen

What is a natural part of an artificial addition, what? The new commercial for a beverage manufacturer plays with traditional gender images. Members of the transgender community have come from Cola campaign before the head. A young woman with curly hair, high cheekbones, jewellery and plenty Make-Up leaves the stage with great applause. She are located in the mask behind the scenes [...]

May 082013
New Zealand - “Shocked” university students stand by workers at McDonald’s in Queen Street

Auckland University Students’ Association stands in solidarity with workers at McDonalds in their fight against low-pay, casualisation, poor working conditions and discrimination such as homophobia and sexual harassment. On May 1st McDonald’s workers held a demonstration outside the company’s Queen St site. Our members who were at the demonstration were shocked by the accounts given [...]

Apr 172013
Украина - В Запорожье открылся новый гей-клуб

In Zaporozhye recently opened a new gay Club. Night Club Grand Max "was renamed" Egoist ". Now the school is ready to host representatives of sexual minorities, local media say. By the way, instead of old and known to many gay-Club "Modest", which moved down from the building of the BO "youth", "Velvet Club opened-bar». So now there are two clubs in Zaporozhye where LGBT PEOPLE and [...]

Apr 112013
UK - Architecture firms fail to support gay equality in the workplace according to Stonewall

Built environment companies have again failed to feature on Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index, leading the campaign to warn of stifled output Architecture does less to promote sexual diversity and tackle homophobia than banking and the armed forces, a leading gay rights campaign group has warned. Stonewall said lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) employees’ productivity could [...]

Apr 112013
Россия - В Петербурге появилось гей-такси

The St. Petersburg offered gays a new service – a specialized taxi drivers where all representatives of sex minorities. Most taxi drivers are razvozkoj from the gay clubs, but quite often they are used to carry people to the airport, and even at work. In "gay-taxi" work 20 machines, and all drivers undergo a rigorous selection. As explained by one of the co-founders of the firm's Online812 novel, to work for them [...]