May 142013
France - Indochine Musikvideo: "College Boy"

France criticised the music video of "College boy" by the Band Indochine is a gay student is tormented by his classmates. The message of the video is important: since the introduction of gay marriage, it shows how much homophobia in the circle lies dormant. "I realized that my life among people will be no longer easy. Because [...]

Apr 172013
New Zealand - Queer Avengers: Well done to everyone involved in Marriage Bill. Now let's address bigger issues.

Queer Avenger’s are pleased the Marriage Equality (Marriage Amendment) Bill has passed, and say “well done to everyone involved”. “Now it is time to focus on the bigger issues” says Kassie Hartendorp (pictured), member of QA. “Marriage Equality is all well and good, but it is not going to end the violence and hatred that [...]

Apr 102013
Turkiye - Giyen insanlar görürseniz anlayın ki şiddete eşcinsellere uygulanan şiddete ‘dur’ demek istiyordur

Giymesinden a pink t-shirt in Canada because of the violence he saw young gay. This is in addition to the many in the world see response for writes, the protest at the action all over the world. Gay, bisexual, and transgender people are turning to violence against people all over the world on April 10 on Wednesday, pink clothing, clothing. Vatandaşında support the action made many announcements via social media. [...]

Apr 042013
Deutschland - Neuer Infofolder gibt tipps, um homo- und transphobie an der schule abzubauen

In the school - a central social setting where are reflected the prevailing conditions, homophobic and transphobic abuse are unfortunately not uncommon. However, teachers do not always, however, intervene here - unless, because they see is "no problem", it is because they believe that they the behavior and the settings of their pupils [...]

Apr 032013
Canada - Steinbach Manitoba student, Evan Wiens, gets gay-straight alliance victory

A gay high school student in Steinbach, Man., has been given approval to put up posters promoting his gay-straight alliance group after a month of being forbidden to do so. Evan Wiens, 17, set up the group last month but was initially stopped from promoting it in school hallways. “I put them up [Monday], they [...]

Apr 032013
USA - Rutgers' firing of coach Mike Rice exposes a toxic locker-room culture

Bowing to pressure, Rutgers University has fired basketball coach Mike Rice, after video footage emerged showing Rice being physically and verbally abusive to his players. It’s the right decision, even if it only happened because ESPN showed the footage. There is a lot wrong about what Mike Rice did and how Rutgers has handled it. However, one [...]