blood donation

Apr 242013
Chile - Valoran reglamento que permite a homosexuales donar sangre

El Movilh valoró este miércoles que el Gobierno emitiera un nuevo reglamento que termina con la prohibición a gays y lesbianas para donar sangre, en razón de su orientación homosexual o bisexual. Se trata de la “Norma General Técnica que regula el procedimiento de atención a donantes de sangre”. “La prohibición de donar sangre a [...]

Apr 092013
Thailand - Red Cross policy to reject blood donations from homosexuals under fire

A video of three gay teenagers criticising the Thai Red Cross’s refusal of their blood donations has gone viral, highlighting the organisation’s international policy not to accept blood donations from homosexuals because, they say, of a higher risk of HIV contamination. The Thai Red Cross admits that 20 per cent of total blood donations have [...]

Mar 082013
Thailand - Red Cross affirms no gay blood policy in response to a YouTube protest.

The Thai Red Cross Society says it does not discriminate against gay people, but the policy not to accept them as blood donors is internationally applied. National Blood Centre director Soisaang Pikulsod, discussed the topic at the 21st Academic Annual Meeting of the National Blood Centre held on Wednesday. Dr Soisaang’s comment came after a [...]

Feb 052013
Ireland - Court told life ban on homosexual men giving blood is unjustifiable

A lifetime ban on homosexual men giving blood in Northern Ireland is unjustifiable, the High Court heard yesterday. A judge was told Minister for Health Edwin Poots’s (pictured) stance was irrational and discriminatory. Lawyers for an unidentified gay man are seeking a ruling that would bring Northern Ireland’s policy into line with the rest of [...]

Feb 012013
Österreich - Schwule Blutspender: Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz bleibt bei striktem Nein

Schwulen Männern bleibt in Österreich auch weiterhin pauschal das Blutspenden untersagt. Das berichtet die Tageszeitung „Der Standard“. Damit werden in Österreich Schätzungen zufolge 420.000 Männer von der Blutspende ausgeschlossen, weil sie zumindest einmal in ihrem Leben mit einem Mann sexuellen Kontakt hatten. Das Österreichische Rote Kreuz als größte Blutspende-Organisation begründet die Maßnahme mit Sicherheitsbedenken.

Jun 282012
Portugal - Medical student had refused blood donation for being gay

This medical student of 23 years usually give blood twice a year for two years, but when tried to do two weeks ago in a mobile unit of the Portuguese Institute of blood and transplantation, in Lisbon, refused him the gift for being homosexual. The left bloc (BE), which two years ago did pass a parliamentary resolution against a practice that is considered discriminatory, came to denounce the case.

Jun 152012
France - Les homosexuels vont-ils pouvoir donner leur sang?

Yesterday, the Minister of Social Affairs and health s & #8217; is supported with the gift of blood extended to homosexuals. A logical decision and anti discriminatory, since until & #8217; now they could not give blood. Jean-Luc Romero, president elect local AIDS (ELCS), said he is extremely pleased with the decision [...]