Apr 262013
Испания - Гей-активист и участник событий на Болотной площади в Москве Алексей Киселев получил политубежище

It became known as project GayRussia, Russian gay activist and party events on bolotnaya square in may 2012, Alexey Kiselev, fleeing persecution from Russia to Barcelona, was granted political asylum in Spain. Last Thursday, the Spanish authorities have issued 25 April Kiselevu Alexey five-year residence permit in the country, as well as a document certifying his status as a political refugee. [...]

Apr 252013
Turkiye - Kaos GL Denizli'deki İranlı mülteci LGBT'lerin yanında

Kaos GL crew, listen to the Iranian refugee was in Denizli LGBT issues. in a meeting attended by 30 police officers against the problems LGBT, duyarsızlıklarını, formality to work because of them just because of the Iranian citizens to be able to delay the permissions, ötekileştirmelerini, atılmalarını, health needs cannot be met from home because they were already gay, as they encounter problems. Iranian refugees in Turkey faced not only the problems themselves, LGBT, in their continuous [...]

Mar 292013
Canada - A taste of home for a Ugandan refugee

It’s nice when people say, “it smells good in here,” as they enter your home. But the majority of time, I’ve done all my cooking the day before, and the only thing guests could possibly smell at that moment is the liquor on my breath. But this afternoon I’ve actually had a pot steaming the [...]

Mar 012013
België - Seksuele geaardheid opgenomen in Belg asielwetgeving

Vandaag werd via een wetsontwerp seksuele geaardheid expliciet opgenomen in onze Belgische asielwetgeving. Ons landje koos ervoor om het ruime begrip van behoren tot een bepaalde sociale groep beter te omkaderen zodat het in de toekomst niet meer mogelijk is af te hangen van interpretaties van administratie of rechtbanken over het begrip sociale groep.

Feb 262013
Canada - Gay Ugandan man seeks safe haven in Manitoba

In the photo, a handsome but tired young man stands in the shade of a tree. The vibrant pattern and colours of his dress shirt are faded. He’s turned slightly away from the camera, scanning the horizon for danger. It’s daylight and he’s a gay man in Uganda, afraid of being lynched. Homosexuality in the [...]

Feb 192013
Canada - Vancouver activists, refugees, worry about Mexico’s ‘safe’ designation

Mexico’s recent inclusion on Canada’s Designated Countries of Origin (DCO) list has raised some eyebrows among Vancouver activists. Countries on the list are considered safe. Refugee applications from those countries are fast-tracked, but if unsuccessful, are rarely granted an appeal. Having Mexico on that list doesn’t make sense to Karla Lottini, a Mexican refugee. A [...]